Monday, July 9, 2018

Get him!

Episode 2 of Season 5! More time for John Mak!

To be honest, I am having a bit hard time finding out who got killed and why. So many murders. Not clear which one is on what side. But that's fine. As long as I can see Mak talking, I'm happy.

I've never met any Korean whose last name is Mak. I did a quick Google, but no luck. Well, again, that doesn't bother me. I'll be happy every Sunday until the season ends.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Clipping for my own sake

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テクニックコレクション 『阿呆遊戯〜ブルース・リーを探せ!』のDVD ブルース・リーが亡くなり、未完の『死亡遊戯』を完成させるためにブルース・リーの代役オーディションしているドキュメント風の映画。 あえて、そうしているのだろうが、全然ブルース・リーとは無縁の奴らのはちゃめちゃなオーディション。 監督は、『ワイルド・スピード3』のジャスティン・リン なんで、こんなん撮ったんやろ⁇ #ブルースリー #brucelee #李小龍 #載拳道 #詠春拳 #jkd #阿呆遊戯 #ジャスティンリン #justinlin #サンカン #sungkang #アホの坂田 #ドラゴンへの道 #jeetkunedo #martialarts #ドラゴン怒りの鉄拳 #fistoffury #燃えよドラゴン #enterthedragon #死亡遊戯 #gameofdeath #武術 #空手 #karate #dontthink

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Season 5!

Wait is over now! I enjoyed it a lot. Another cool/fascinating season started. 

It's also good to see Sung coming back on SNS recently. Keep them coming especially selfies. Thank you for updates about Code 8. I'm still eagerly waiting for the work to be completed and premiere in NYC to be scheduled. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cheer up!

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Sorry to see you having such a hard time, but thank you for sharing. It's also great to see so many of your fans commenting how great you are and why you shouldn't feel the way you expressed.

We got your back!

"Coolness" is such a relative term. We don't need to let anyone decide what "cool" is. For me, Sung in the coolest thing in the universe.

Then, we also need to be realistic. Actors need sponsors. I don't know what exactly happened and it is probably not just one time that he feels "rejected." It might be our fault -- fans -- being uncool or not so fortunate enough to purchase a lot from those who need to advertise their products using icons like Sung. I shouldn't pretend like I know every fan of Sung's. But this demography is not that rich enough to purchase luxury items. Thanks to these days' technology such as SNS and smart phones, it became easier for us to show our support to actors/actresses online. We became a part of "big data" to be analyzed by those who want to "sell." I may be totally wrong, but it's just AI that "reject" actors because their fans do not have purchasing power. I'm saying this because I'm in data analytics industry.

I know, it's all my speculation. Things may be a lot more complicated. The only recommendation I have at this time is, he can probably touch up his hair color. Just Kidding.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

More articles about the new show

I'm debating when to start my 30 days free trial with YouTube Red? I'm already subscribing Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Startz. I heard about a few other shows there also appealing. Looks like the work has not been completed yet. I'd better wait and see a little bit.

Meanwhile, my routine to search Sung's pix on instagram below:

Saturday, May 5, 2018

So, it's official, isn't it?

Check this out! Vin told media that Justin will direct 9 & 10 of FF. This must be super official and Han shall be a part of them!

Yes. We want justice for Han.

BTW, I've never been to Universal Studio in any of the locations. It was my one of "to-do" list that visiting Universal Studio since first time I saw it on TV in late 80s'. After that, they spawn the park to Florida, then, Japan. How come I've never been tn any or them? Since I've come to the status, I've used up my saving and paid-leave for going back home every year. Not much time/money left to travel other cities. Then, I've grown too old to crave for theme parks. We don't have a kid to bring there, neither. So, I suppose that's why. I've been to Disney Land, but only the one in Japan, and that was already 20 years ago.

Anyway, this video does not have Sung in it. Let me share an irrelevant photo of Sung's below, just so we don't forget how he looks like.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

New episode of 금발 사장?

Bobby Lee! I like you, too. Well, it's not as much as i love Sung. But you are sort of close. Yes. I agree.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happy birthday!

Dear Sung,

Happy birthday to you!

You are always on my mind.
Can’t wait for July 1st for season 5 of Power.
Hope to find out more about the rest of works soon.

**I just sent out another short birthday msg via Instagram. But in case you don’t recognize my I’d there, I decided to post this msg here, too. It’s like buy one get one free. Well, maybe not. You don’t have to pay anything. You are always paying by your coolness. Thank you for being a cool guy.



Sunday, April 1, 2018

Often seen with foods?

Thank you very much for those sharing recent photos with Sung with hints about when and where it was taken. I mean, I cannot fly to Hawaii to search for Sung, but it's always good to know what's up with him. He was once again caught at food related place.

I suppose it's normal that where we encounter celebrities tends to be a restaurant because we all need to eat every day. It's so generous of Sung letting his fans approach him and give "OK" for a photo taken and shared on SNS.

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By the way, I found the first day of season 5 of POWER -- July 1st, 2018! Can't wait~~~