Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Celebrity of SEMA!

You know why it took me longer this time to share this video? It's final episode! I didn't want to admit that there is no more episode for this series. :( But I'm sure there will be another series featuring Sung soon. We'll be waiting! Uh... another opportunity to see Sung in person missed. I knew about this show earlier. But I had to make a hard choice of passing this opportunity. I really envy for those who get to see him there. I'm adding more interest to my wait, so my next encounter to Sung should be even better. I must search more photos from this show on instagram and other photo sharing sites.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015


I'm a girl, and not a car person. But hey, I can still congratulate Sung and his team for fantastic FuguZ winning an award! It's been really nice to see the video series as well as a lot of photos, too. Keep them coming!
Oh, by the way, I didn't know the car can "purr~~~." lol~

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Some new facts about Sung just learned today

Looks like he did drive FuguZ to Vegas!

There are a lot of pictures of Sung from SIMA uploaded to instagram today! If you are Sung Kang fan like I am, check out instagram with #sungkang to find a lot of new pictures! Yes. I envy every one of them who get to see him in person! I wish I'm there.

Sung being a real Han there!


During today's live show on Facebook, he said, his favorite actor is Gary Oldman. I didn't know! He also answered many questions from his fans via Facebook comments, but many of them were about cars. I don't blame, but I'm just not that into cars. I'm just dreaming my next car being Tesla Model 3. But only if I save enough down payment for it in next 2 years, I suppose. Hope my car remains functional until then. Another thing he shared during today's live Q&A is that how many potato chips bugs he finished during Tokyo Drift and why Han kept eating during the movie. He said, Has was supposed to be smoking all the time. But it'll have a bad influence for kids. So, instead, Han had to eat. Eating snacks make him looks like an "observer" making sure that he takes care of everything/everyone. Just like you watching a movie in the theater eating pop corns. That is slightly different from what I heard in the past from unknown source. The version I heard is like this. Sung was keep shaking while on set because he just stopped smoking. Justin could not keep Sung focused without giving him something to eat. So, Justin let Sung keep eating snacks even when he is not on set. He just had to eat. Which version is true? Another fact is that Sung ate Fugu fish while he was in Japan. Was it during Tokyo Drift being shot? I wonder how many times Sung has been to Tokyo and if he had any chance traveling outside Tokyo. I'd be happy to be his tour guide. He once asked me about Ultraman Theme Park. I still don't know where it is, though.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Live Sung!!! (But the one I saw was actually recorded)

I'm LIVE for the first time! Ask me anything :)

Posted by Sung Kang on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

When I first started typing, I didn't realize that what I'm watching is no longer live.. but that was close enough!
Hope he sees my comments --- some day... :) Hope he does this again soon!