Sunday, April 26, 2015

Already started talking about "8"?

Sounds like it is confirmed that the next one will be in NYC! Yey~ Is that's my chance to bump into them when I go there? I do visit NYC a few times a year. So, wish me a luck! I know, most of the scenes won't be actually shot in NYC but somewhere else like Montreal or even somewhere outside North America. But we'll see. Can't wait for April 2017 already! Well, I know, I haven't even watched 7 yet. Sorry! I'm on call this weekend.  :(

Meanwhile, more pic found from internet search...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Have you watched it yet?

 No. I haven't watched Furious 7 yet. Sorry! But I will. Hopefully within a couple of weeks. Until then, just searching more pictures online. I found them on someone's tweet. Sung looks very young (and bad) in this picture.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Belated Happy Birthday to Sung!

I must confess my brain problem today that I'm somehow confused about Sung's birthday. Though I keep checking his birthday as April 8th, my brain's defect kicks in and makes me believe his birthday is April 9th. I don't know why that happens to me because I've been thinking his birthday, wrote about it here in this blog, talked about it with other fans, etc., so many times. But every year, when it gets close to the day, I start asking myself, was it April 9th? I'm having a serious memory issue with numbers. I lost my ability to memorize phone numbers. I'm having a hard time even with zip codes. 10 digits... 5 digits.. and birthday is actaully max 4 digits without year. Sung's birthday is just 2 digits -- 4 & 8. But I still forget! What's going on with me?

Anyway, nobody cares about my long excuse here, I suppose. I just want to wish a very happy birthday (and very very happy every day) to Sung. Thank you for being so awesome and getting even awesomer as you ages. It's so amazing to see someone who has been really good is even getting better! I can't wait to find out more about Sung's up-coming works.

This one is from BLT. Han always looks perfect when he is behind the wheel like this!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Older picture found from another fan site

I'm still thinking what I should send for Sung's birthday coming up next week. Now that he has more than 10 million Fb fans which is still growing steadily, my gift to Sung may not stand out any more. But I will send something just because that's what I want to do! And I will continue updating this blog with whatever I'd like to say about him and his works.  My endless love~~~

How much can we see "Han" in F7?

It's really nice to see Sung being heavily involved with F7 promotion! Does it mean #Hanlives? It should!