Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nobody can replace Han! But good luck to Tony

Recently, I started enjoying exchanging comments about Sung and his works at my friend's blog in Japanese and found the link to this video was shared there. This is very nice! This makes us feel that Justin should probably make a spin-off movie featuring these two gorgeous couple.

By the way, today's title is not about this video, but about the news I found at:

All right. That sounds cool. But Sung is not replaced! Well, it's just my weak English interpretation that made me feel this is not right. It simply means Sung is not going to be in FF7 but Tony Jaa will take the Asian spot. Hmm... Wait! Asian spot? So, it's still true that Hollywood have to cast Asian actor for the Asian role only. That is also not right. But actually, the original role of "Han" was created for an African male. But because of Justin sees the role is Sung's (Han's), it was taken by Sung. Similar happened to "Bullet to the Head." The role was not for intended for an Asian male. So, Sung is doing the other way around. Non-Asian to Asian. But once the role or the position established for an Asian, then, some other Asian male actor takes over. Racial profiling continues...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

He won't be a Ninja, I suppose

I saw some previews of up coming movies recently and realized that what Sung and his friends pointed out before -- Asian male characters can be either Ninja or Kung Fu master in best case scenario, but mostly either bad guy or poor/uncool character -- continues to be true, unfortunately. The one I saw has a lot of Asian characters, but they are all some kind of worriers. It's not even clear if they are Japanese or Chinese. I saw a Japanese actor, but he may be acting as a Chinese. It's not unusual to see someone's role is not based on where they are actually coming from. But when it comes to Asian males, it gets worse. Most of Japanese characters are not played by Japanese. So, it may be a good idea that the nationality of the role itself is not clearly defined. Just like Hibachi restaurants in USA. Most of Hibachi chefs are not Japanese. In fact, we don't have Hibachi restaurant in Japan. Have I mentioned this in this blog before?

But somehow, I'd like to see Sung playing a Japanese character. Oh wait. He did it once. He was a Japanese yakuza in Ninja Assassin! I really liked how he did.

Anyway, it's getting late here in East Coast USA. I'd better sleep now.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Good diagram!

Picture from IMDB (Gang Related) and not related to what I'm writing below.


Check this out!

This is from the article I just found:

It's also good to know that the director for FF7 will be also an Asian American -- based on his name.

I also found that a new film listed as his next work:

Sounds like "LOST" the movie?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Optical Illusions?

It may be just me, but your hand looks big. lol~

I saved a lot of pictures on my machine and forgot where those came from. Sorry for missing credit. Feel free to claim one if it belongs to you.

How many minutes did I think of him today? Not sure. But I often think of him while I'm driving and especially when I stuck in a traffic. That is probably because I remember what he wrote a while ago, about how he hates LA late afternoon traffic. That's one of the factors stopping me to moving to LA. Well, traffic in my area isn't a lot better anyway, though. I'm in DC metro area and commute Mon-Fri.

Sung! I just need to say aloud sometimes -- after my hubby fell asleep.  :P

Friday, August 9, 2013

Looks fairly recent

I saw this picture posted on Facebook's fan site. Sorry, no credit available. I clopped out the girl next to him in case she does not like her picture posted. 

Let me also share a link to an article I recently saw:

Monday, August 5, 2013

My new friend from Japan -- another Sung Kang addict!

I'm so proud to announce that I finally have a sister blog (?) administrated by my new friend in Japan. She did not mean to copy me, but she also picked her blog title as "Sung Kang Daisuki" before she knew my blog. She was polite enough to let me know this coincident and asked me if I'm OK with that. Sure! That's not a problem. I just requested a simple clarification that there will be no confusion and people will know that these two blogs are updated by two different fans. Well, after all, most of people don't care. But it may make some people wonder why there are two blogs with the same name -- one in Japanese, the other in English. The one in Japanese has just started this month (Aug 2013), and a lot of interesting confession about how much she is into Sung. So, the idea/motivation for our blogging is completely the same. We just want to say "Sung!! I love you!" and let everyone on the earth know about our obsession.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Amazon vs. iTunes Store

I downloaded "Bullet to the Head" at iTunes store and realized that I cannot take screenshots there. Perhaps try on iPhone? This screenshot was captured when I was playing "4 Wedding Planners"I streamed at Amazon instant video. Maybe I should start streaming more often than downloading. I don't have enough free space on my iOS devices anyway and now I have 4G.