Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back to Vegas in a few days?

Great interview!

Let me think what I am if I were a car...

Tesla Model 3? I know it hasn't been mass produced yet, but I put my $1000 for the right to buy one in a year or so. Let's see. How can I be Model 3? Well, just because I'm trying to get it. lol~

I start envying everyone who gets to see Sung in person next week in Vegas. I won't be there... :(   But I wish the best for the team's success there! I really enjoyed being the part of the project as an audience, and really liked every aspect of it.

Meanwhile, let me shared what I grabbed from instagram today. Great shots!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Awesome guy!

Sung is often described as "awesome guy" or "very nice guy" by those who bumped into him and proudly post their shot with him like this. He is Mr. positive impact to everyone. :D So, I searched "Pole Position," and found it is Go Karts place in NJ. Yey~ He is a little bit closer to me! Well, still 4.5 hours drive away from where I live, though.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Watch Time?

Are you in NYC now? I thought you went back to LA. Did you just fly back?
Hope you'll be there another while, so I can feel you a little closer. No offence to West Coast, but to me, you fits East Coast better somehow.

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Onto the next project?

Looking good as always!

Looks like I'm no longer the fastest and furiousist to find what's up with Sung. I often find other fans sharing videos/articles that I haven't seen before. :( But that's OK. It is actually a good sign that he is so popular and have strong supporters.

Besides worshiping him daily, I also pray for him and his family's wellness. It would make me really sad if I find him being unhappy for any reason. I know I cannot do much for him. All I can do is blogging about how much I adore him and his works here. I still do not have any religion. But that does not stop me from praying for someone important to me.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Is he going to be a lawyer?

Looks like he has been busy with his new role while no detail shared yet.

If I remember correctly, I read about his college degree being in Political Science. So, if he did not chose to be an actor, he may have become a politician and would look like this...? I know a lot of people see him as "Han" of FF series. But I think he is not very "Han." Well, I guess I cannot pretend like I know. It is probably more like his acting skill making him look fit to this role, and not that he could have been a lawyer if he had advanced his education to a law school.

My day dreaming goes on. If Sung did not become an actor and became a lawyer, and I met him in a business situation, would I have still fallen in love with him? But I should really appreciate he became an actor. Without that, I probably had 0 chance to bump into him. Even if I did, I cannot express my addiction to him this freely. It works only because he is an actor now.

But coming to know him in a different way isn't bad idea for me. We should have met earlier, though. Yes. I'm still day dreaming.  :P

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A new video & photos from NYC

To be honest with you, I actually was't sure what "underdog" means. So, I just googled and learned the definition of it. Interesting. So, it's kind of sarcastic to call oneself as "underdog," but it might be a really good way to show their spirit like "no matter how odds are against us, we will make it."

It's good to see such spirit and I wish them all to have good times with this project!

Meanwhile, Sung seems to be still in NY now. Good to see you having a good time up there like this.

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