Monday, July 28, 2008

Sung = a dog lover

As always, this picture has nothing to do with what I'm going to write here. It is from Finishing the Game's bonus feature. (deleted scenes)

I was not sure if I should share what I talked with Sung last year in this kind of public space because it could be a little embarassing to Sung. But I think he wouldn't mind -- he may not even remember.

It's about Sung's dog. You can read about Simba at:

I read this article last summer and felt very sorry for Sung's loss. So, when I got a chance to talk to Sung last December, I asked him, "Do you plan to get yourself a new doggy soon?" His nswer was like this. "No. I lost 3 dogs in last 2 years, was hard. I don't think I feel like getting another dog for a while." Then, I continued:

Mari: Oh. Well, I knew you lost one dog recently, but did not know about the other two.
Sung: You are talking about Simba, right? I used to have another two small ones.
Mari: What happened to them?
Sung: Simba killed them.
Mari: ???
Sung: It was terrible. They were getting along very well when Simba was little, but after Simba has grown, she killed them.
Mari: I did not know Chow is that aggressive type. Simba looked like a very nice doggy.
Sung: She was very good to people, but not to the other dogs.
Mari: Sorry to hear that. Chow is a kind of dogs eaten in China, right? Korean people eat dogs, too.
Sung: Well, Korean pepople don't eat dongs, but not Chow.

You may wonder why I was able to talk to him like this. It was a luck. I was able to walk with him from the club where the party for screening UNDOING was held to the theater. It was about 4 blocks walk in the very cold weather. Sung kept saying "It's sooooo cold!" While we were walking, there were two girls who was walking with Sung and my husband was also next to me. But I felt like I was walking with Sung alone for 4 blocks because I was only looking at Sung! I still remember that time very clearly. There were a few more things we talked about. I will share them later.

I don't know if I can ever get the same kind of chance in the future. But I will keep my eyes on the events he may attend and try coming to see him in person again or visit his restaurant.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What kind of car is Sung driving?

I don't know exactly what is the car Sung is driving, but I saw a picture where Sung is driving a SUV looking car. (**This picture is from BLT and has nothing to do Sung's private life. I'm talking about a picture I saw in another site where stealing image is prohibited. Sorry, I cannot post a link, neither, because it requires you to sign up to create an account first and all the instructions are in Korean.)

Anyway, I think Sung is driving SUV or was until last summer. I'm not the type of girl who care about what car my man should drive, so, I don't mind whatever car Sung drives.... except Hyundai. (Sorry for Hyundai fans.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Korean music video, featuring Sung Kang

Seems like this music video was made even before "Better Luck Tomorrow," according to:

I have seen this one a while ago, but I think I've never mentioned about this in my blog. Then, my google alert and a friend who left a comment to my article mention about this video today, and I decided to capture another screenshot from this clip.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still capture mania = me, again!

I think it's time to reveal that I'm the contributor of the profile picture that Sung is using for his MySpace, IMDB, and facebook. (There may be some more, but these 3 are the ones I know for sure). Well, maybe I should not call myself as a contributor because all I did was taking a screenshot from Sung's short film, 9:30, and then, edited a little bit (resizing, adjusting contrast, and etc.) before sending it to Sung through facebook.

I was soooooo excited when I heard back from Sung saying that he will use this picture as his profile picture and he did so very quickly! This picture I'm posting here is not exactly the same one, but taken shortly before or after the one used as Sung's profile picture, which I posted in my blog earlier, too:

Can you tell Sung's facial expression is slightly different there?

Kids lover

I grabbed this picture newly uploaded to Sung's MySpace photo album. I like his way of holding kids like this.

I've seen a similar picture before in which Sung is holding two Asian kids, who look like his nephew and niece. He must be a really nice cool uncle for them. I wish I have an uncle like Sung.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stay tuned on Sung's other blog

** Hope it's ok that I stole this image from another site... Sorry, if it was not ok... I will replace with something else later. **

I just found Sung posted another story from his childhood memory in his blog in Alive Not Dead site. Like before, I really really enjoyed what he wrote!

But I also realized that if I were actually there in his school, I may have been the one who treat him bad. I was a mean kid when I was aroun 12 years old. And I used to pick one guy who is too nice to strike back to my harrassement. He may have been my target if he was in my class. :p

Looking back my past, I remember that I used to tease a lot of gentle boys by calling them by funny nick names, etc. I even sometimes kicked their butts. I don't know why I was so sadistic back then. I guess I just did not like the idea that girls should be polite, modist, and reserved. So, I wanted to show my wild side. But I knew that I cannot compete against strong boys. So, I picked gentle boys only. Now I feel sorry to them. Sung's story brought my old memories back.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Small world

My co-worker sent me a link to the youtube clip which was the same one I intorduced last month here. He is a Korean Chinese American guy from New York. He said the girl who is interviewing Sung is actually his friend. Wow... I did not know that Asian American community is that cozy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Secret of Sung's diet

I did a regular google search with key word, "Sung Kang" and found this link tonight.

I knew most of stuffs written there, but there are a few trivia I did not know:

"To prepare for his role in The Motel, Sung went on a diet of Burger King food at the request of director Micheal Kang. He says that the diet was 'an exercise to show that he's a guy who's lost all physical and mental control of himself."

But I still don't know how he lost weight last year. Does anyone know?

Another thing I read for the first time (Sung's quote):

"Getting the feel of a masculine self confident man, it was difficult. My whole life, I was a second class citizen. Han is like a guy's guy. I think for us, as Asian Americans, I don't know speaking personally, it's been tough to understand to know what it means to be a sexual male, where's there's self-esteem."

I think what Sung said here is hard for many of his fans to believe. He is the sexiest guy in the world from the first place. What is he talking about here? But I also know what he meant. Yet, things are not the same as back then Sung spent his childhood. And I still think it was not only coming from his acting, but Sung is naturally a sexy guy, which he just did not know before. (Now, he may know).

Friday, July 4, 2008

Didn't know about this...

I am not sure exactly when this interview was done, but must be before April because Sung Kang said he is 35. He turned to 36 in April 2008.

I was surprised by the fact that Sung finds the reality is against him. Well, I may have read this wrong, but that's how I felt by reading this interview. I honestly felt that Finishing the Game is not as good as Better Luck Tomorrow. But I still enjoyed it a lot and I love Sung's part. Well, I know I'm biased and I always unconditionally enjoy whatever Sung is involved. But still...

Anyway, at least I know Sung got additional opportunies after this interviews, which motivate him to keep going as an Asian American actor for another while. And no matter what happens, he is the biggest star for me!