Saturday, December 12, 2009

I saw Ninja Assasin!

No offense to Rain, but for me, the best part of this movie is first 10 min where Sung acts as the main character. (Well, to me, he was.)

I went to see this movie prior to my surgery day. So, it's been more than 2 weeks past, but remember very clearly that I was so excited to see the movie started with Sung's face.

I've also seen many individual people blogging about this movie and saying that they decided to see this movie because of Sung. Yeah, we've been waiting to see him in the big screen like that. :D

The only complaint I have is that he did not speak any Japanese. He probably did not have to because his role name is "Hollywood." It's not his fault, but it hardly impressed me that it was actually in Osaka. (I know it's not, but I thought they want to pretend like so.)

Anyway, that's not important for me. What is more important to me is that Sung did excellent job there! I think Chinpira (that's how we call that type of guys in Japanese) may not be a bad role for Sung to stick with at least a few more times in some other movies or TV dramas.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you for sharing, Sung

Before I start talking about what Sung wrong and what I think about it, let me quickly explain why it took me some time to update this blog. I normally update this blog at least once a week. But I had 4-hour surgery on my belly resulting 2 nights hospitalization and 4 pucks of blood transfusion. Well, it was actually a scheduled one since a while ago and I'm getting better now. But I'm still resting at home at the moment. So, that's why I had to pause for a while.

Regarding what Sung wrote recently, first of all, I admire his courage sharing this whole story with his readers. It is not easy to trust people -- especially those online anonymous people who may quote your words with negative intention. (Hope what I'm doing here is not one of such deed.) But the fact he did probably indicates that he has somehow gotten over with it.

Just like many folks who left their comments to Sung's post, I'm also not the one who is in the position of giving any sort of advice. (Probably nobody is). But honestly, the first thought popped up to me is this -- I want to see his biological father. Maybe it is not too surprising idea because I'm a big fan of Sung's. I'm just curious to see how his father looks like even though he did not mean anything to Sung in their lives. I do want to send a flower to him just to let him know that I thank him for existing and made Sung possible to exist this world. I just want him to feel proud of Sung and feel lucky that he deserves a bouquet or some sort just because he is Sung's biological father.

This actually reminded me about my hubby's side family story. Well, it is not the same story, but have something in common. I've never seen my husband talking to his father since I met him about 9 years ago. Well, correction. I did see him talking a few words over the phone -- something very administrative --, but that's about it. They haven't seen each other for more than 10 years. But funny thing is, I've seen him many times in person. I visited him many times in Korea -- probably total around 10 times. I often exchange email messages with him. My father-in-law and me are like best friends. But I never ask why they don't talk each other. Well, maybe I asked something like that, but neither side of them gives me any answer anyway. It seems that they both know that they don't have to talk or see each other. I tried finding what is the best of them -- or for the whole family including me. But there is no answer. All I know is that my father-in-law and I have a pretty good relationship while my husband and his father never talk.

So, I suppose every father-and-son realtionship is unique. It's ok if you decided not to talk. But if someone else decided to talk to that person and there is something they can share, then, that's good, too.