Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hope Sung is eating well...

I recently got in touch with the person who took this picture or the one who was having a meal wth Sung when this picture was taken. She is another big fan of Sung Kang's. I found the site she and her friends build for Sung Kang in 2006 or earlier. They started the fan club a lot earlier than I became his fan. They even met Sung in person when he was visiting Korea back in summer 2006. They have a lot of pictures with him, which look really cool. That site has been one of my biggest source about learning who Sung is. Sorry, I cannot share all of those pictures there. The site is password protected, and you need to have a Korean social security number in order to sign up for the user account. But I will try getting permission from the admin for some pictures and will share as much as I can.

I really enjoy expandingmy network of this group, Sung Kang fans . My real-life friends tease me that I have no life but stalking Sung. Indeed, I spend most of my free time either watching Sung's works, researching how he is doing, or updating fan sites. Such a loser, I am. I kind of enjoy being a loser, anyway.

I think he is gaining some weight recently. He has never been a small or skinny type anyway. But I think he is now a little careless about his dietr lately or preparing for a role that has to have a few extra pounds, maybe? I like his round face and don't mind even if he goes beyond 250 lbs. I will still be his fan.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Google search with keyword, "Sung Kang"

I wonder how other Sung Kang fans find my blog. I don't really advertise this site because I'm just an individual with no sponsor. I'm not an authorized spokeswoman or anything like that. As I repeatedly mentioned, I'm just a fan.

Anyway, I found one possible reason how some people end up with this blog when I Google searched Sung's image. Many of the images from my blog were hit. I still don't know how Google search index sites and image files, but I guess my love to Sung Kang was detected by AI.

Monk (2009)

Yes! I can write about something new. Did you see Monk this week? Thanks to IMDb, I can see Sung's part over and over~ and I took some low resolution screenshots for this blog.
Well, he was not the "bad guy," again, but just like the role in CSI Vegas, he was questioned by police guys. Is that a stereotypical Asian role in American TV shows?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I stole this picture...

First of all, I have to confess that this picture was actually stolen from another fan site where copying this picture is prohibited. That is bad enought, maybe. But I couldn't help posting this on my blog because this seems to be the latest one and I know there are many other Sung Kang fans who do not get a chance to see this picture unless I post this here. But I will take this down if the original owner of this photo sent me a complait.
I'm running out of his pictures now. But since his new movies are coming up soon, I can definately get more and more new images soon. I can't wait!
It's been almost a year since I started this blog. I really enjoy receiving comments from other fans from different countries. It's good to know there are a whole bunch of different types of girls who are also crazy about Sung. Crazy enough to google search or subscribing google alert with keyword, "Sung Kang" and reached my site.
Once agian, I am just a fan. I'm not blood related to Sung though I sometime feel him very closely as if he is my cousin or something. He is actually helping me a lot mentally thought I don't get to talk to him much -- almost not at all. It's hard to explain, but he has a special power with which he makes you believe he cares everyone including yourself. Maybe I don't really know who he really is. But I still don't mind adoring him like this.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sung has updated his profile picture

I saw Sung has updated his profile picture at his facebook and MySpace account today. I went ahead to grabbed one and already re-using it here. (Hope that's ok...)

Actually, I saw him updating his picture a few times since a several days back. No idea why, though.

I also saw some new year picture from other fan site today. I don't think I can use the picture here without the owner's permission. But I think it is ok to talk about, at least. He looked very nice there. I think he gained a few pounds since after the JUMP films and grew his hair back. I should keep my eyes on his changes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sung's funny face

Happy New Year to all~~

Let me start my year 2009 with this picture. I love Sung's funny face like this. This remind me the time I talked with Sung a while ago. He was joking by saying "Are you really a fan?" He looked like he was ready to bite me like this. I don't think Sung remember that. I guess I was just one of his hundreds of fans who tried talking to him.

Hope I can see him in person again in year 2009...