Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mario Kart, maybe?

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I didn't know you play video game like that. lol~

Hope all is well

This is another great shot! I know SEMA is over, but wish U3 the best forever! Congratulation on such a successful project.


Sung posted something on his official Facebook page recently, made me a little worry about him. Hope he is not feeling down any more. We all worry about what's next because things are so unpredictable. But it's good to see so many fans are seriously trying to cheer him up. Hope Sung received all those love and recharge himself with it. I was a little late, but also sent him a hug.

I didn't get a chance to update this blog but it does not mean I didn't think of him. I still think of him everyday. But it's been a bit unusually busy month for me. I visited NY and Amsterdam. Too bad, it's not when Sung visited NY, I was there. But anyway, hope Sung and his family had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was a little struggle because I ended up with having high fever. It started on my way back home. I was stuck in 6.5 hours flight when I started feeling extremely cold. Luckily, I got a little better by the time I need to go through custom. But after coming back home, it got worse again. I'm still on medication.

I'm not sure why I'm sharing my health issue here, but anyway, that was my excuse for leaving this blog not updated until now.


BTW, my Google Alert found this article:


I checked Wikipedia about CAA. So, he will remain managed by Management 360 while represented by CAA? I'm not sure how Hollywood start business works, but I guess it is a positive news/good for him.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Nice road for driving

One of my friends I made via this blog told me about Magnus Walker. She told me he is a very famous guy among car enthusiasts especially Porsche people.


It's really cool to see Sung driving both cars like that.

Though I'm not that into cars, I drive quite a lot. My commute is 70 miles each way. That's quite crazy if I need to come to the office every day, right? But it's almost 100% Interstate. Without traffic, I can get there in one hour. Yes. I'm speeding. But haven't gotten any ticket so far.

So many great photos and videos!

How did you keep his face straight while Tyrese was saying all kind of crazy stuff? I didn't get what you said there. Anyway, this is super cool. We can see cool people online, making us feel like we are also a part of the excitement. I wish I get lucky enough to bump into him like that and spend some time together. Also, another article about his project found: