Sunday, March 30, 2008

How much does Sung drink?

I don't know how much Sung can drink. My guess is that he does not drink alcohol very much. I saw his red face in the picture someone took in a party or somewhere he was drinking.

This picture is from "The Motel." He was a drunken man there.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wedding Photo?

This is one scene from "The Motel." Sung pick this picture from his Wedding Album. It was very short moment this picture was shown, and we can't really see it very clearly, but it is my favorite scene.

I wonder when he is actually going to have his wedding (in his real life), but hope he consider hiring my husband as his wedding photographer. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm still waiting

I pre-ordered this DVD from about a month ago. And this DVD was released on March 11th. But Amazon said Delivery estimate: April 4, 2008 - April 18, 2008!! :( Oh well..

But It's ok.. I will wait.

By the way, I finally ordered Sung's another movie available in DVD - "Forbidden Warrior." I knew Sung is in this movie and I saw one scene at YouTube. I even saw this title in Blockbuster. But since my husband said he did not enjoy it, I did not get a chance to see yet.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)

I think this is the original movie in which Justin Lin let Sung Kang play "Han." I heard Justin saying that Han in FFTD may or may not be the same Han in BLT. It is totally up to the viewer, but it is kind of an inside joke.

I did not know about this movie until after I start researching Sang Kang's works. I was just one of those millions of girls who fell in love with Han in FFTD. After I watched this movie, yes, once again, I fell in love with Han. I enjoyed the movie a lot as well. But to be honest, I felt a little sad that I am not one of those twinky kinds. I am an Asian who live in the states, but I am not an Asian American. This movie reminded me some of twinkies's nasty attitudes toward Asians from Asia like me. It is not really mentioned in this movie, but I just caught it. Even after I heard Justine is not actually an ABC and I do love Sung Kang, I still feel a distance from those Asian kids who speaks English natively.

This may sound contradicting, but I did enjoyed this movie a lot and very excited about potential of the staffs of this movie in the main stream industry. I want to see more and more this type of films, featuring Asian American kids. Well, I guess I'm not trying to be one of them. But it's just good to see them doing good. Kind of hard to explain...

I guess this movie is not meant to be created for Asians only, anyway.

By the way, I heard that Sung had a strong desire to play Ben's role in this movie, but Justin had to persuade Sung to play Han. I kind of understand Sung sees himself fitting Ben's role after I know more about him, but I think Justin was right. Sung = Han. But my most favorite character Sung played in his past films is still Cole Kim in Finishing the Game because Cole was more like a looser type. I think I like someone who can enjoy being somewhere in between. Han in both BLT and FFTD is not like that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Screen capture mania = me!

My husband told me that this is a copywright violation and I am not sure if it is or not. But it is sucha a low resolution images and it is based on my genuin desire of promoting Sung Kang. So, I hope he or his agency do not mind what I'm doing here. After all, it is just for me to keep record of how I thought of him. The purpose of this blog is nothing but sharing all information I have about Sung with the resut of fans of Sung Kang's.

Anyway, its Saturday morning. Guess what I did as a first thing in this morning? Put this DVD, WAR, into my PC and start capturing these images! I haven't even eaten breakfast.

His next DVD release is schedueld in a few days! I cannot wait to have UNDOING on DVD! Yes. I will capture a lot of cool looking Sung from there and post them up here~~

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sung as a restaurant owner

If you are a serious fan of Sung Kang's, you already know that he is running a restaurant in LA.

Not sure how often he is still doing the lunch shift, but I plan to visit this restaurant before summer this year. Please keep your fingure crossed for me for my chance to see Sung again!

What I said to Sung Kang

This is me!! talking to Sung Kang. Again, it was taken last December 2007. Let me share my wonderful experience here.

Me: When did you get to NY?
Sung: I arrived last night.
Me: You must be really tired, then.
Sung: Well, I was tired yesterday. But I had a good rest last night. So, I'm ok today.
Me: Are you guys all done with the grassrout tour for...
Sung: Finishing the Game?
Me: Yes.
Sung: Yes. We finished them all.
Me: May I ask you to give me your autograph?
Sung: Sure.

Sung Kang is very smart. That's the biggest impression I had. He is very kind and very good at making everyone feel comfortable. You will fall in love with him even more if you meet him in person. He is that great and excellent person.

Actually, I've talked with him a lot more. I will share that little by little.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Motel (2005)

I bought my 2nd copy of this movie on DVD because I decided not to use the first one after being autographed by Sung. I received my 2nd copy from, and put it on my small lap top computer to capture some screenshots like this. I took a lot more screenshots and saved them on my online album.

Anyway, this is my favorite movie. No special effect, no CG, and it is so-called low-budget movie. But it is very attractive. Some people may think there is nothing to see, but I couldn't take my eyes off of this movie once started. Not sure why. Kind of hard to explain. So, I highly recommend everyone to see this.

By the way, I just checked backIMDB site and confirmed that Sung will be playing Han again in Fast and Furious 4!!! I heard about this rumor online, but now it seems to have been confirmed and I am very excited about this!!

Can't wait to get UNDOING on DVD

This picture was also taken in December 5th, 2007. Can you see that Sung is giving me his autograph on the surface of a DVD disc? I brougth three of his film on DVD with me when I went to see him in NYC - "Fast and Furious Tokyo Dift," "The Motel," and "Better Luck Tomorrow." My most favorite one out of three is "The Motel." Sung did truely a wonderful job there. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. I still like FFTD, though. I shall write more about "Better Luck Tomorrow," in another article.

Now, I heard "9:30," the short film starring Sung will come as a bonus feature with "UNDOING" on DVD which will be released on 18th of this month! Needless to say, I have pre-ordered it and cannot wait!

I heard there is another short film starring Sung called "Life Ain't A Crystal Stair." It is another hard-to-find work. Can anyone help me to find this???

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sung's autograph!

You know, one of the most common things we want to do when we meet our start in person is to ask for his/her autograph. In Japan, there is a special card board just for this purpose commonly sold. Such card board is called 'Shikishi.' I bought it on the same day I went to see Sung in person on 12/05/2007, hoping to get a chance to ask Sung to do this. And yes! I got it~~

I'd like everyone know how sweet Sung is. He is a very generous, kind, polite, and of course, sexy guy. I started admiring him even a lot more after I got the chance to talk to him in person.

I confirmed the he is the one who checkes all the messages coming to him thrugh his MySpace site. So, I highly encourage all the Sung Kang fans to show your support by sending message or posting comments at Sung's MySpace site:

I was so impressed by Sung's atmosphere. It's like humble with dignity. I don't know how to describe that properly, but hope you get some sense here. He made me think that I should be someone like him. And I am trying to be someone like him -- manage frustration and be polite and positive all the time. He is my role model!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

UNDOING (2006)

Another cool film featuring Sung Kang! I saw this movie in NY in December 2007. I was very very lucky to see Sung in person before the movie. I even had a chance to spend a while talking with him. :) But before I get there, I should focus on the movie itself.

Official site:

Frankly, I must agree with some of the tough critiques made to this movie. But the parts Sung was responsible for were perfect!!! I definatelly recommend all of Sung Kang's fans to purchase this. I'm even thinking about buying several copies of this to give to my friends as a gift. Why? I just want to contribute to promote him so bad. He is such a talented actor who should have a lot and lot more opportunities to be shown in the big screens.

9:30 -- Sung's short film

I want to see this short film, but I don't know how. No luck with Someone hook me up with this film!

WAR (2007)

I went to see this movie to the theater in August last year, I think. Honestly, the movie itself was just about so-so to me. But I enjoye this movie because of Sung Kang! Well, I do like Jet Li, too, but I realized that I don't mind skipping this movie if Sung was not there. Anyway, I bought this DVD to watch Sung Kang again. There are several Japanese famous actors also in this movie including Kane Kosugi. But there were only two scenes for Kane and those are not important part at all, unfortunatelly. But Sung's role was a little better than Kane's and I think it's worth burying this DVD just because of Sung. For more information about this movie: