Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Opposite stereotype of xxx demographic

Finally! I was able to sent comment to Sung's Live Streaming on his Facebook page while it is indeed live! I missed last two opportunity by a few hours, but this time, I saw a pop-up on my iPhone while I was on a conference call with my client, then, just put my client on hold (don't tell my boss) and quickly check out Sung's streaming show! The bad news was that I somehow could not get the volume on while I managed to send some comments. I couldn't use my PC because it was during by business hours. Plus, I had to get back to work before Sung stopped his live streaming. But good news is that now I can see what was going on with full audio! I guess seeing live or not doesn't make too much difference. But I'm still glad to see him live! It's probably my first time seeing him live on video though I've seen him in person 3 times. That's different from a live streaming, I suppose. lol~

He tends to make a bit racistic(?) comment -- in a positive way if that is possible. He told this guy that he is the opposite stereotype of Maverick demographic. But I slightly disagree because I feel I've seen Asian male care about cars more in general than non-Asian guys. Not sure about Maverick specifically, though.

Then, I tried to apply this sentence to myself. Am I the opposite stereotype of something? I think I am. I'm counter stereotypical of Asian female because my Korean husband does most if not all, housekeeping? That reminds myself about a sales guy who came to our house to discuss about installing solar panels last month. He was surprised that I was the one who makes financial decisions while my husband was washing dishes. He quietly asked me, "Is your husband washing dishes?" I said, "I'm a bad wife."

Yes. We plan to get Solar Panels installed soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hunting another car to restore?

Instagram is great and tagging is so powerful. I can see that Sung went to an auto auction in Florida. Glad to see him stay engaged! I love your hair. But don't you need to grow back for Code 8? Looks like a lot of projects are going on around him. He is a busy man!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday!

I claim myself as #1 fan in the world, but somehow, I always mix up Sung's birthday being April 8th or 9th. Thanks to Fi, I know it's Sung's birthday today! Yes. 8th! Did I post same story last year? I'm seriously getting older.

Anyway, it was great that Sung did live streaming with Adam! It's always nice to see him moving/talking! Hope he gives a big more in-advance notice, so I can plan accordingly. I missed the live part again. But I understand it has to happen when it needs to happen. So, I'll be a good girl until next time.

Going live with Robbie to talk some Code 8 goodness!

Posted by Sung Kang on Wednesday, April 6, 2016