Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sung's new look

I have never seen Sung with this hair style before. This was was from the recent JUMP promotion event in LA. This reminds me other Korean actors who are famouse and popular these days in Korea. Maybe Sung's stylist suggests Sung to go that direction...? Anyway, I think Sung looks better than many of the popular Korean actors in Korea. I do enjoy many of Korean movies, but none of actors there impressed me more than Sung did. Well, maybe I'm comparing apples vs an orange here.

I also noticed that Sung gained a little weight compared to last time I saw him in person, which is already more than a year ago. I think he looks more healthy in Bloomingdale pictures.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sung and Victor

I was not able to come to this event earlier this month. Sung helped JUMP's launching event at Bloomingdale in LA on December 6th. I got this event invitation from Victor through facebook a few days before my 3-week business trip to Asia begins. I was in Japan on 12/06... Oh well.

I just grabbed some pix that seem to be taken during this event from Victor's flickr account. Hope it is ok to re-use his pictures here.

I'm interested one of the jump shoes that I found at their online shopping site. I will check them out in NYC next month.

Tuxedo Man (2008)

5 of 6

I used to hang out in this China Town, NYC very often back in 90s', but I don't remember seeing anyone like this... :p

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Footballer Chic (2008)

I cannot tell if Sung is really good at football by looking at this short film. But looks like he likes it anyway.

Sung has been very active lately

Thank you for checking back my blog for my regular readers, if any!

I'm finally back in the states and can resume my blog updating activity.

I saw Sung posted this very short video on his facebook account and thought he has a very good smile there. I grabbed a screenshot as always. Don't you love his smile?

He has been updating his blog very actively recently. I did not finish reading all of them yet. I need to check out his update on MySpace's posting, etc. as well.