Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sung & Russel

I was very lucky that I was able to see Sung in person twice during last half of 2007. This picture was taken by me(!) on December 5th, 2007 in NYC where Sung's movie, 'UNDOING' was released. The theater was very small and I wasn't too happy with the quality of the graphic and sounds there, but I enjoyed being in the small theater because I was very close to Sung and Russel when they came up front for Q&A held after the movie.

According to Russel, he and Sung met at the table of Texas Holdem. (People laughed). Sung, as a co-producer, was the one who grabbed Russel to join the movie. They talked a lot about how the movie industry is like for Asian talents and what it is mean to be an Asian actors in USA, etc. It was a very interesting Q&A session.

I will write more about the movie itself in another article. For more information about this movie, also check out:
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Asian American Film Festival in DC

I know, I know. I'm not doing a good job with posting my articles chronologically, but remember, it's just my blog and not an official one. Though I'm trying my best to put all info I know honestly without disguising any facts, you, the readers of this blog, are responsible about how to interpret what written here. I am putting info related to Sung Kang based on my own experience and knowledge collected mainly online. But just so you know, I got simple oral 'OK' from Sung directly about putting his pictures (as far as those I or my husband took) and writing about him. :)

I spent too much time to talk about disclaimer. Anyway, this is me & Sung Kang! taken on 09/28/2007 @Silver Spring, MD. There was an Asian American Film Festival going on. The first night of the event started with "Finishing the Game," where Sung and the other casts and crews presented. This picture was taken by my husband after the movie. Below is the artile I uploaded to another blog of mine.

Dream comes true ~~

I finally met my most favorite actor in the world tonight!!

Sung Kang, the sexiest!

I went to Asian Amerian Film Festival tonight. I feel so lucky to find this event last weekend becaue I was not sure how I can get to see Finishing the Game. Well, it's a day before I am flying to Japan, but I could not help getting there to check out this movie. I will write a complete review later, but I just want to post my photo first.

Do I look like Photoshipped? Yes. I had my husband clean up my skin condition. But that is not the point here. Look! It's real Sung Kang! Can you belive this? Yes. He was there! He was soooooo generous and did not mind me approaching him after the movie asking a shot with me. He even recognized me from MySpace. In fact, when I could not do anything but staring at him, he was the first one started talking to me like "You must be my friend from MySpace." Amazing! I was absolutely stunned.

I expressed my honest feeling that how much I admire him. I briefly introduced my husband to him after this picture was taken. I gave my husband's business card to him and he said the card looks nice. :) We offered him a free shot, knowing this may not make any sense to him, but we just could not help because my husband is in the same industry. He did not show any uncomfortbleness for our cheeky offer, which made me even more admire him.

I just found myself just like a character in the movie who was a girlfriend and a manager of Sung Kang's role because I was acting like my husband's manager, trying to promote his business. But my husband and I are very stable and have never been broken up in the past 7 yars.

I really hope Sung Kang has a time to come down to my husband studio for his portraits.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finishing The Game

Finishing The Game

Will be available in DVD shortly. We can go ahead to pre-order this at!

I was lucky enough to get a chance to see this movie at the Asian American Film Festival held at DC in September 2007. That was my first time seeing Sung Kang in person. There was Justin Lin and Roger Fan also there for the movie's Q&A session.

Did I like the movie? Yes. Absolutely. But I kind of have mixed feeling about the idea behind this movie. You may know what I mean after you see this movie.

Official site of this movie:

movie details can be found at:

To pre-order:

Links to video on YouTube

It's another obvious information source I'm talking about here. But bear with me. I am trying not to miss anything about Sung Kang! --> Sung Kang in imdb

I'd like to share a lot more links to you tube.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Most of Sung Kang fans including myself got to know him from this movie, Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift. Though he was not the main character in this movie, he managed to steel all the girls' hearts! I know, I'm not sharing any special informtion here. But I thought I should not skip mentioning this movie.

As many of you may know, Sung Kang has an official MySpace site.

Don't you think he was the best one in this movie? I don't remember anyone else. When I watch this movie again on DVD, I fast forward al the scenes Sung Kang doesn't show up. I stop watching after Han died in the movie because there is nothing to see after that. No offense to Justine, but I think this movie was about Sung and only Sung.

I am eagerly waiting to hear about the update of Fast and Furious 4. I suspect those actors from the 1st of this series hesitate to sign up the contact because they are afraid of Han becoming the true main character again. That'll be wonderful! That's exactly what I want to see! And the movie industry should be aware that it's time to start fostering a real Asian American stars like him.

Who loves Sung Kang so bad? ... me!!

I decided to move my old articles about Sung Kang to this blog and keep everything updated in English. I realized that is better way to find other Sung Kang fans who are from all over the world. Please note that this is not an official site. But I was very lucky last year to see Sung Kang twice in person and talked to him for a while and take his pictures! By the way, "Daisuki" means "big like" in Japanese. Sung Kang Daisuki = We love Sung Kang!