Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maniac Collection

Have I confessed that I'm a mania? lol~ This is how I compete with other fans who put nice pictures together as a cool slide show.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

SNS = cool way of sharing pictures!

Looks like Fast Five made top 100 most money making film all time by this time. And it is still going! After this long weekend, the ranking will get even higher for sure. I'm so proud of Justin and Sung. (I know people would say they are not the only two factors for this work, but for me, yes, they are. No offense to the rest of the casts/crews... actually, i admire them, too. it's just Sung is too good.)

Anyway, it's also really good to see increasing pageview of this blog never stopping. I can tell people like the pictures I'm sharing... well, those are not truly my pictures, but because some of them have been processed by me taking screenshots from videos and cropping/adjusting size/light, etc., I claim that it's "kind of" my pictures. Anyway, I don't mind people copying them and making their own work like a slide show. I can recognize my pix in many of those people's slide shows recently.

Well, that's actually not important. I really enjoy seeing increase number and power of love toward Sung lately from all kinds of people. So, it's really cool. More chance for me to find pictures/videos of Sung's I've never seen. It's like win-win structure, you know.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sung's favorite food = Jja Jang Myung???

No. I did not confirm. So, don't take this seriously. Actually all of the stuffs you can find from this blog are solely for my own enjoyment/creation. So, you are not suppose to quote on me. Well, that does not mean I'm making up everything. Everything I share here is based on my best guess from years long of my experience as his No.1 stalker... umm.. scratch that... fan! :D

Based on my analysis, Sung's favorite food is Jja jang myung. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jajangmyeon

I'm actually having a hard time assessing how Korean Sung is. I should probably not categorize him like that, but just out of my pure curiosity. For example, I think my hubby is 100% Korean. Not so typical, maybe. But as far as what he eats and how he behaves/reacts, that's my conclusion. But how about Sung? Well, he has not grown up in Korea. But when it comes to his stomach, I think Sung is 100% Korean ajjussi. Look at what he got on his table in this picture! That's very much the same as what my hubby and I normally get for our Sunday brunch. Hope I'm not rude here making some analysis to the picture of his private time. But he posted this pic on public viewable location on his own. So, I hope it's ok and not embarrassing....

Check out what Sung is sharing at: http://www.whosay.com/SungKang/photos

Anyway, message to other fans. Don't start sending instant jjajangmyung to Sung. Most of instant ones are no good. Plus, I don't know if he really like it or not. :P

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Looking forward -- in 2 years?

To be honest with you, I'm the one of those who step out the theater as soon as the movie ends. Actually, I'd rather stay, but my hubby does not that kind of patience. So, I missed this after credit bonus scene. But thanks to YouTube, I know what's going on without waiting for Fast Five coming up in DVD.

This is really interesting and exciting! But the question is, when??? Another 2 years? Because of this big success, hope they can shrink this interval. Or some smaller spin off version featuring Han will be even better. Anybody with me?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Simler Sung~

Thank you for visiting my digital scrapbook where I am revealing my personal long-lasting obsession to Sung Kang! Yes. I'm a full time digital stalker. :D

I'm a bit scare of seeing this rapidly increasing pageview number of this blog recently. It's obvious that people who enjoyed Fast Five and can't get Sung out of their head search Google and end up with this site.. But it's only a personal blog updated by non-showbiz person like me. I tried google search again with keyword, "Sung Kang" again. Now this blog appears as 5th of the first page. That explains...

I'm not sure if this blog deserves that. Not sure if I am sharing right information about this fantastic actor. I haven't been knighted by anyone for this. But all I can say is I see myself never stop adoring Sung --- unless my hubby asked me to stop. So far, he is cool with this. lol~

Message to newbies >> please check out my old posts to find out more about Sung's works. I posted links to some of the short films fearing Sung. (hope all the links still work...) Though he is already really cool and appealing from Fast and Furious series, you will love him even more if you saw his other works. And keep loving him like I do!

Let me also share a like to something I found recently.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My favorite scenes from Fast Five

Basically, all the scenes where I can see Han are my favorite. But if I have to pick one, Sung in the police uniform was very appealing to me. I looked for the image, but couldn't find any... I need to wait until I download this movie from iTunes Store, then, capture screenshots for my own sake...

Anyway, now I found he looks good in that kind of uniform as well. So, his next movie should be something like Sung in a costume play...? (lol) Actually, I want to see him wearing a traditional Korean cloth, but that probably does not work for Fast Six...

Super excellent! Justin did it again!

Sorry for the delay,,, but finally, I watched Fast Five at the iMax Theater near my office on Monday night. Though it was Monday and 9pm, the big theater were filled more than 1/2. The audience there were obviously very happy and satisfied. I heard a lot of laughter and positive response throughout the time the movie shown. I'm sooooo proud of Justin! and of course, Sung! I admire everyone involved in this movie. Supre well done! Very very attractive movie, never get the audience bored. Time flied! I don't think I can wait for this to become available in iTune Stores later this year. So, I will probably go back to the theater to watch again. Kudos! (and love~~)