Friday, December 30, 2016

One more item to be autographed

I need to find out where I can get this, so I can bring it with me next time I see Sung in person and ask him to autograph. Hope all is well with him.

I know I rarely thank my readers here. Sorry! But I really appreciate everyone who takes his/her time to read what I'm posting/writing here.

We all know 2016 wasn't the best. But to me, it was still one of pretty good years because I got to see Sung in person in February. That's right. It's almost a year since that happened. But I can still remember precisely how it was.

Now, we received two T-shirts with CODE 8 logo! Remember? I'm a proud backer of the project! I can't wait to find out more about the work.

Wish you all a happy new year and may 2017 be better even though there are so many unpredictable ahead of us. Don't give up. Hope hasn't been dead.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Suggestion for a gift to his fans

A photo posted by Woohooo Girls (@woohooogirls) on

I was chatting with my friend in Japan a few weeks ago about what makes our life easier and we both agreed with this idea -- a daily wake-up call from Sung! Isn't this a great idea? All Sung needs to do is just recording his voice for 10-20 seconds saying something like:

"Good morning. Wake up. You'll be late. Have a great day. Love ya."

Just use iPhone or any other smart phone and record these words, then, upload it to any kind of online file sharing site. Then, grab a link to download the file and paste it in Facebook page. This shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, and become a great gift for all of crazy fans like us.

Alternatively, say same things but in different languages. For example in Japanese,

"Ohayou. Okite. Okureruyo. Itte rassyai. Daisuki dayo."

I'd like to have a Korean version as well, but then, my husband will be jealous.

By the way, it's my birthday today.  lol~

Any other live streaming?

I was checking my old photo stock and found those two I took while Sung was on Facebook LIVE streaming. Before SEMA, there were several opportunities to see him in real time, which was great! Not sure if he is on another car restoration program or anything else that make sense for him to do this type of LIVE streaming again soon. But hope we get to see him in real time again before too long.

It's getting really cold here in East Coast. Hope everyone stay warm. My hubby and I were talking about going to Ski/Snowboarding for the first time this season. It's only 30 minutes away from where we live, and it's their opening day today. But my sore-throat and dry mouth came back last night. I thought I'm done with flue this winter. But I guess it does not let me go easily somehow like a stalker I used to have when I was younger. Well, he wasn't a serious stalker. But he just kept calling me around 1AM every day for a while even though I didn't even answer his call. I didn't think that I will have such person who would stalk me. And yes. It was a Korean guy. I still have several more episodes of my ex. I thought I wouldn't share those with others. But it's been around 20 years passed since then. Maybe it's OK to talk about it. I'm glad there was no SNS back then. I'm totally disconnected with all of them.

That's totally unrelated to Sung. Sung is not one of my ex. Well, I wish, though. lol~

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Such a lovely mean guy

Finally, I watched the entire portion of "Pali Road" after downloading the legit version of it via iTunes store! I have watched previews and read a lot of articles about it. So, I had a pretty good idea about the story and Sung's role. I won't spoil the movie, but I must talk about how much I liked this movie!

I've never been to Hawaii, but I have heard so many good stuffs and something mysterious/spiritual about the islands there. This move has the mood of Hawaii captured very well. All the main characters are pretty attractive and well defined. The main character is very cute. However, sorry to say this, but she just didn't sound like someone who finished a med school in Boston. In my opinion, she didn't have to be a doctor. But I guess it was important for the role to have upscale/fancy job title.

I don't think an elementary school teacher is a type of job that medical doctors would look down. I actually don't look up doctors that much. I mean, they may have made reasonable effort to become one, but other factors like financial ability (mostly from parents) might be bigger. I think job/compensation inequality should be addressed at some point. Otherwise, we may end up with giving 2nd term to the next leader. But I won't go there too much because I just want to talk about the movie.

So, Sung was supposed to be the mean/snobby guy. But how can I hate him? I couldn't. I wrote this before. If I were her, I will just take the life I don't know without complaining anything. Maybe I should set my next vacation place to Hawaii and rent a car to drive Pali Road and see what happens. lol~

Well, I understood the point of the movie. It's not about me choosing Sung. In fact, it bothered me a little bit that the guy with less fancy job title was not officially chosen or approved. I wonder why my parents didn't say anything negative or even question about my hubby. Nobody with matching job title with me tried to convince me that I belong to him so far (and that will never happen, I suppose). It's not about a choice we (girls) make. I don't know if I made a choice. It's more like just let it happen. Whatever it turns into, it's just a fate.

But maybe not. I think we need to wait until the last moment in our lives until we know if it was a right choice or not. It may be still too early to regret...?

Anyway, glad that I watched this movie. It helped me start planning my next vacation place. :P

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time to download!

Fi just posted this link to Sung's official Facebook page, made me really happy~

I've been waiting for this to become available! I will download and shall watch it tonight. I will talk about that more later.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mario Kart, maybe?

A photo posted by Заза Склифосовская (@zaza_sklifosovskaya) on

I didn't know you play video game like that. lol~

Hope all is well

This is another great shot! I know SEMA is over, but wish U3 the best forever! Congratulation on such a successful project.


Sung posted something on his official Facebook page recently, made me a little worry about him. Hope he is not feeling down any more. We all worry about what's next because things are so unpredictable. But it's good to see so many fans are seriously trying to cheer him up. Hope Sung received all those love and recharge himself with it. I was a little late, but also sent him a hug.

I didn't get a chance to update this blog but it does not mean I didn't think of him. I still think of him everyday. But it's been a bit unusually busy month for me. I visited NY and Amsterdam. Too bad, it's not when Sung visited NY, I was there. But anyway, hope Sung and his family had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was a little struggle because I ended up with having high fever. It started on my way back home. I was stuck in 6.5 hours flight when I started feeling extremely cold. Luckily, I got a little better by the time I need to go through custom. But after coming back home, it got worse again. I'm still on medication.

I'm not sure why I'm sharing my health issue here, but anyway, that was my excuse for leaving this blog not updated until now.


BTW, my Google Alert found this article:

I checked Wikipedia about CAA. So, he will remain managed by Management 360 while represented by CAA? I'm not sure how Hollywood start business works, but I guess it is a positive news/good for him.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Nice road for driving

One of my friends I made via this blog told me about Magnus Walker. She told me he is a very famous guy among car enthusiasts especially Porsche people.

It's really cool to see Sung driving both cars like that.

Though I'm not that into cars, I drive quite a lot. My commute is 70 miles each way. That's quite crazy if I need to come to the office every day, right? But it's almost 100% Interstate. Without traffic, I can get there in one hour. Yes. I'm speeding. But haven't gotten any ticket so far.

So many great photos and videos!

How did you keep his face straight while Tyrese was saying all kind of crazy stuff? I didn't get what you said there. Anyway, this is super cool. We can see cool people online, making us feel like we are also a part of the excitement. I wish I get lucky enough to bump into him like that and spend some time together. Also, another article about his project found:

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back to Vegas in a few days?

Great interview!

Let me think what I am if I were a car...

Tesla Model 3? I know it hasn't been mass produced yet, but I put my $1000 for the right to buy one in a year or so. Let's see. How can I be Model 3? Well, just because I'm trying to get it. lol~

I start envying everyone who gets to see Sung in person next week in Vegas. I won't be there... :(   But I wish the best for the team's success there! I really enjoyed being the part of the project as an audience, and really liked every aspect of it.

Meanwhile, let me shared what I grabbed from instagram today. Great shots!

A photo posted by Sung Kang Unofficial Fan page (@sungkang_ufo) on

Monday, October 17, 2016

Awesome guy!

Sung is often described as "awesome guy" or "very nice guy" by those who bumped into him and proudly post their shot with him like this. He is Mr. positive impact to everyone. :D So, I searched "Pole Position," and found it is Go Karts place in NJ. Yey~ He is a little bit closer to me! Well, still 4.5 hours drive away from where I live, though.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Watch Time?

Are you in NYC now? I thought you went back to LA. Did you just fly back?
Hope you'll be there another while, so I can feel you a little closer. No offence to West Coast, but to me, you fits East Coast better somehow.

A photo posted by Henri cantais (@henricantais) on

Onto the next project?

Looking good as always!

Looks like I'm no longer the fastest and furiousist to find what's up with Sung. I often find other fans sharing videos/articles that I haven't seen before. :( But that's OK. It is actually a good sign that he is so popular and have strong supporters.

Besides worshiping him daily, I also pray for him and his family's wellness. It would make me really sad if I find him being unhappy for any reason. I know I cannot do much for him. All I can do is blogging about how much I adore him and his works here. I still do not have any religion. But that does not stop me from praying for someone important to me.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Is he going to be a lawyer?

Looks like he has been busy with his new role while no detail shared yet.

If I remember correctly, I read about his college degree being in Political Science. So, if he did not chose to be an actor, he may have become a politician and would look like this...? I know a lot of people see him as "Han" of FF series. But I think he is not very "Han." Well, I guess I cannot pretend like I know. It is probably more like his acting skill making him look fit to this role, and not that he could have been a lawyer if he had advanced his education to a law school.

My day dreaming goes on. If Sung did not become an actor and became a lawyer, and I met him in a business situation, would I have still fallen in love with him? But I should really appreciate he became an actor. Without that, I probably had 0 chance to bump into him. Even if I did, I cannot express my addiction to him this freely. It works only because he is an actor now.

But coming to know him in a different way isn't bad idea for me. We should have met earlier, though. Yes. I'm still day dreaming.  :P

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A new video & photos from NYC

To be honest with you, I actually was't sure what "underdog" means. So, I just googled and learned the definition of it. Interesting. So, it's kind of sarcastic to call oneself as "underdog," but it might be a really good way to show their spirit like "no matter how odds are against us, we will make it."

It's good to see such spirit and I wish them all to have good times with this project!

Meanwhile, Sung seems to be still in NY now. Good to see you having a good time up there like this.

A photo posted by sung kang (@sungkangsta) on

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How did I miss this pic?

A photo posted by HanLives (@sungkangstafan) on

This is a great shot!
I used to feel there is no photo of Sung's available online that I haven't seen. But that's not true any more. I see other fans posting pictures that I've never seen. Shame on me!

I started thinking of him even more often lately after I started chatting with other fans from Japan who seems to be as crazy as I am when it comes to Sung. The only way to beat her with the amount of love to him is "time." She is a very strong fan, but just became a fan after watching "Bullet to the Head" aired on TV in Japan recently. So, I'm totally a winner. While I am extremely enjoying talking with her about everything I know about Sung and how obsessed/persistent I have been, I also know she is my competitor! She sometimes mentions how sad it is to realize we are actually nothing for Sung. But that's not true. Fans mean a lot to Sung. I think I heard him saying that. Without fans like us, he will be jobless. So, we must be proud fans! That reminds me, it is probably time to wear "Han Lives!" T-shirt. Yes. I bought it a while ago and wear it sometimes. I didn't get a chance to take picture yet. I thought it might be more cool to take a picture with not-so-brand-new T-shirt, just so people know I've been wearing it a lot. Anyone can buy it and wear it once and take a picture. But to win against competition, I must show a worn T-shirt. OK. I will do that tomorrow! and come to work with it. Craziness!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The picture reminded me my old college friend

A photo posted by Bernard Beanz Smalls (@photosbybeanz) on

I like seeing Sung dress down like this. He looks comfortable there. But wasn't it some kind of party for the TV show you will be in? Everyone else in other photos looks a little more formal there. lol~~

I just remembered one Korean guy I met when I was in a grad school back in 90s'. He is a Korean, but he was somehow grown up in Caribbean neighborhood. So, in the school, he always hang out with Caribbean groups. His girlfriend was a Caribbean girl. I spoke with him a few times and he was impressed by my Korean language skill. But he did not hang out with Asian people. He would say "hi," to me, though. He was different from any other Korean guy I've seen so far in my life. I forgot how exactly he looked like. But he was a skinny and tall guy with mustache. This picture suddenly reminded me about him. Back then, I had another Korean boyfriend who looks like Jang dong-gun. Well, I know you don't believe me. I actually didn't think my ex looks like Jang dong-gun back then because I didn't know Jang dong-gun. But when I first watched a movie, "Chin-gu," where I saw Jang dong-gun for the first time, I suddenly realized he looks just like my ex. Seriously! I even though it might be him became an actor! Well, maybe it was just a hair style being the same.

I have too many Korean guys in my memory to talk about. But don't worry. Sung, you are the best!


Monday, September 26, 2016

Live from Brooklyn!

So, not much detail still discussed about how Sung's role will look like, but nice preview in the article.

On top of that, today was a really good day despite the fact it was Monday. Sung did Facebook Live for us. It's amazing to see how quickly he gets so much viewers and comments from fans from all over the world! Many are saying they are in Brooklyn, too! Envy you all! I need to keep my eyes on instagram photos for those lucky people bumping into him and getting a photo taken with him.

I was thinking to drive 5 hours to get there only for a chance to be one of those lucky ones. But you know, we all have bills to pay. Plus, he must be really busy reading scripts/memorizing his parts. Can't bother him. But I still don't mind driving 5 hours. lol~

We love your short hair, too!

So, looks like he is in NYC! Yey~  He is in East Coast! I suppose he will stay there for a while or come back often while on set for the next season of "Power." Good to know that they are actually shooting in NYC instead of building something like NYC in Montreal or Toronto.

Hope Sung remembers the time we met there back in 2007. Hey, I'm still in East Coast! Only if West Maryland is also considered as East Coast. :P

Enjoy your time in NYC and happy shooting!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


I turned out so easy to get this episode watched by me! I should've believed in the power of IMDB and Amazon.  :D

I was somehow under the impression that I have to start with season 1. But I was wrong! It seems anyone can start with any episode of any season. We still get it. Completely enjoyable without any in-advance knowledge about the series. Well, I actually didn't get a few scenes. But that didn't bother me anyway.

The best part, of course, is how Sung looks desperate in the plane.

He looks good in Aloha shirt.

I kind of know Sung's cheap hoodlum side. (And I like it, of course.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More articles about his next work

Good to see some more articles about Sung's next work. Too bad, I still do not have cable, and this show is not on Hulu. Looks like it's not free in Amazon Prime, neither. But for season 4, I'll definitely watch it somehow. Well, I'm not saying that I will try illegal way. I stick with regit when it comes to watching Sung's works. I'm a good consumer~~

By the way, I'm not big when it comes to playing video game, but I'd better check out Gran Turismo for FuguZ.  :D

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's on Hulu!

So, I was searching if I can see any of Sung's recent work on Hulu and found it:

Looks like it is slightly different from what I watched on Amazon a while ago. And I fell in love with Sung again!

Let me catch up

Looks like he will be in next season...? Well, I didn't know about this series. I'll be busy catching up with all seasons until season 4 becomes ready. Can't wait to find out more about this series.

Below is not related to the show I just mentioned above, but it's just someone's instagram post. I think it is kind of like "making-of-Tokyo Drift" type of images...?

A photo posted by Fast & Furious (@rideorddie) on

Also, just found another instagram account with good stuff!

Another type of police...?

I've been waiting for this movie since I heard about this some time ago.

Glad to know that it'll hit theaters and VOD on Sept 24th!

Sung is using his South-side here, it seems. Let's see.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

More image search in a different language

I didn't know that I can find Sung's images that I have not seen by searching with keyword in Japanese. I haven't seen them before. It seems to be a bit old, but still good to share:

Is it chilly in LA?

Just saw another lucky person bumped into Sung. It seems to be taken in LA, but not sure as they wear winter clothing, it seems...
A photo posted by Andy Cifuentes (@ayycee__) on

One more photo reposted by sungkang_ufo

look who i bump into after my yoga routine #sungkang #myluckyday #nomakeup#fastandfurious @sungkangsta

A photo posted by JJ (@sansdefaut88) on

I did it! (and that was kind of easy...)

Check this out. I didn't have to do this, but I tested my post based on my experience. Now, my simple post on Google+ linking one of the article in this blog is displayed in top 3 when we do Google Search with keyword, "Sung Kang."

It's even above the link to Sung's official Facebook account or Twitter account.

I know, many of you would say, "so what?" Well, "nothing." But I just felt a little "win" against SEO logic.

I don't have to generate more traffic to my post. But I share this tip with you. If you want Google search to find your page, simply, update your Google+ with the keyword. Maybe it's not only the keyword, but in my case, having "sungkang" in URL for my blog also helping, I suppose. Plus, I've been updating my blog for a while.

I'm not in SEO industry, but just playing around.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hope he can try it on...

I found a couple of pictures I have never seen. Thank you for posting them with a proper hashtag for me to find!

By the way, I sent a small gift to Sung last week. I believe the agent already received it. Hope he gets to see that along with my fan letter soon, or he just wear the face mask I sent to him and take a good selfie and tweet away, maybe?

This is what I sent out. Hope he figures out what to do with it because all the instruction are in Japanese... Sorry!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Show your face more, please

I really like when Sung does Facebook live though I missed it by 5 minutes this time. But he should know we will be sad if he hide his handsome face. Handsome face should not be hidden! I know, that's for security reason, but hey, you can stay on live a bit longer with your handsome face shown...

Sunday, August 7, 2016

3+ millions vs. 300+K

A photo posted by Arturo Gutierrez (@flat4powerranger) on

Above photo is not related to what I'm writing today. I just need to grab one good shot each time I update this blog. Thank you for those who are posting nice photos with Sung with #sungkang properly tagged.


I just realized that I have over 3 million views to my Google+ account. I hardly use it, but when I do, it's mostly about Sung. Then, I realized that two of my posts in Google+ appears in 1st page of the search results with keyword "Sung Kang." My friend told me that when she searched about Sung, she saw my picture. Now, I see the same thing. That's probably why I got 3+ million views.

On the other hand, I'm doing this blog for almost 10 years. But the total pageview is a little over 300K. I used to see this blog link appears in the first page, but now, it's only 3rd page. I'm not sure if this Search Engine logic is working. But I guess Google does it for their own sake. They have not given up on promoting Google+, I suppose.

Well, that's OK. That does not bother me. There is no advertisement in my blog. I'm not making any money out of it, and I do not plan to start that at all. I just feel sorry to other fans who cannot find my blog because I share a lot of rare photos and stories here.

But I do feel Search Engine (in general) is evil...

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Great collage everywhere!

It's really good to see many instagram account dedicated to share re-post or re-worked images of Sung's. Let me introduce a few that I follow:

And it's also good to see Tony posted this!
A photo posted by Tony Chen (@tonyc_dongwei) on

As you can see, Sung has a huge number of supporters from all over the world! I'm so proud of him being so loved by all kinds of people.

I'm also glad that I have to blog and can easily claim myself as a very long time fan/stalker. One of fairly new fan girl recently reached me out and shared how she fell in love with Sung and what Sung means to hear since then. I can absolutely relate. She started her own online community where she share her love to Sung with other fans where she started getting feedback from other fans. It's like inception of fans of fans. OK. Maybe I should stop pretending like I'm the first fan because that is not true. But it's really good to hear from other fans saying "I learned a lot about Sung from your blog." Well, I'm actually nobody. I'm just like any other fans who just fell in love with Sung and started checking whatever about him online. I'm just a bit more obsessed and stubborn than anyone else. lol.

By the way, according to my latest friend I made through this blog, I am "kind of" famous among fans. Though it's not everyone who actually contacts me, looks like I'm fairly known, thank to Search Engines. Though my goal is not to be famous for my obsession, I really love to hear that whatever I'm sharing here helps someone somehow. Even though I may not know about that forever. I will continue posting whatever I know though that may not be the latest info for the readers.

By the way#2, it's really nice of Sung that he shares what's going on with his project. However, he should know that fans want to see his face! Great car, great team. But those can never be better than you, Sung! Do more selfies, please!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

His work recognized in Japan, too!

My friend in Japan let me know about this magazine featuring Sung and his FuguZ project. It is amazing that we can read what he is saying in Japanese because it's so rare or I just don't remember that happened in the past. Of course, his fans are everyone on the earth, but it's so nice to see him speaking to people in Japan like this!

The other friend also from Japan found another articles about Sung's project. Let me share the link to that article as well:

Sorry, if you don't read Japanese. But try Google Translate, if you want to get some idea.

Let me share another link to a different article about Sung's newer project below, before I forget...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Striving for a better future

Sung does not just do things, but there are always something profound involved, for that, too, I can't help admiring him. Because we know there is someone like him, we can keep hoping even though so many things seem to be going wrong these days everywhere. It is very sad to see things happening for that we cannot do much right away. But on the other side, there are people who never give up to see better things. Better for everyone.

All I can to may be just continuing expressing my obsession here, but I chose to do this. As you all know, once you made a choice, don't look back. I really like how Han said that.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

So nice to his fans

A photo posted by Sung Kang Unofficial Fan page (@sungkang_ufo) on

It's really nice to see many pictures his fans sharing. Without that, we know a lot less about him and what's going on. Glad that we live in the age of digital sharing. It makes our life so much easier in many senses.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Almost end of first half of 2016

It's really good to see many people sending their strong love to Sung. I'm also getting a few comments from other fans to my other blog that I'm updating in Japanese. Unlike this blog, the other blog is only about Sung, but I do write about Sung from time to time. There are so limited amount of information about Sung available in Japanese. So, whey people do google search in Japanese, many end up with my articles. I feel sorry that I do not share much about Sung himself, but it is more about how much I enjoy loving him. It's all about me, I suppose. Sorry!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nice write-up

I always enjoy reading articles about "Han." I'm not following other characters in other movies, so, I don't know if my statement here is right, but no other character has been analyzed and talked about more than Han. I just believe it is true or I just don't know (don't care) other movies other characters.

But it's so true that Han changed how the world sees Asian males. It could be as much as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chen. I mean, they are totally legend. Han may not be a legend type, but so realistically cool guy to the world across countries/races/religions. His coolness has no boarder. Of course, there are people who wouldn't choose him as the most favorite character. But what is so special about "Han" is that it's not targeting specific demography. In fact, other fans who contact me via this blog are from all over the world. Not specific to any continent, even age group, or even gender. Actually, he is popular among guys.

Anyway, I enjoy reading good write up about Han, though, I don't find anything new to me most of the time. But I can't help reading them all.

Also, I really really like how Sung share his moments with Facebook fans via live cast. He started doing that more often recently, and at a very convenient timing for me -- I'm in East Coast, USA. I see the number of viewer always quickly goes up to 2K though the live show normally ends in 2-3 min. It's a powerful tool! As long as you have a smart phone and internet access, you can see him live from anywhere in the world, and send message directly. If we are lucky, we can get a comment back live or later. It's also cool to interact with other fans. I get "likes" from other fans to my comments sometimes.  We no longer feel disconnected from him even when we have a long interval for new movie release!

A photo posted by sung kang (@sungkangsta) on

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dark, very dark...

It's so funny that we kind of knew nothing is going to happen and we hardly see anything because it was so dark most of the time, but we still couldn't stop watching it because Sung was live! Psycho Walk... I'll try that someday.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SK edition !?

Looking good! I kind of feel the market demography for cool automobile and cool watches might be the same. I wish I can afford them.

But I'm kind of minimalist when it comes to what to wear. It does not mean I also spend my time in my swimming suite, but I just don't spend much for clothing and almost never wear watches. I used to wear one until around 20 years ago. After that, I just don't wear them. I don't crave for smart watches, neither. I don't wear any other accessory, neither. I think my skin is sensitive and wearing whatever accessory makes me feel itchy. Plus, I lost them many times when I was younger, and start feeling there is no point (at least to me) to wear accessory. Hmm... hope I'm not hurting his business by writing this...

Monday, May 30, 2016

What's up in Vegas?

I always envy those in West Coast because they seem to have better chance to see him more often. Sung is originally from East Coast, though. Hope to see more events involving Sung in East Cost in the future. Also, I found my new favorite short recently. Very nice shot.

I wish I am a car person who can belong to that community.

A lot of video lately~

Sung has a lot of great supporters like this one:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

I'd better start watching it

My friend told me that Sung is in Hawaii Five-0. Unfortunately, I was in Japan on the day. I also found my Google alert found this article. Did anyone watch this? I'd better check this out soon. This explains why Sung was in Hawaii last month.  :)

**The image below is not related to Hawaii Five-0, but just found in Instagram while searching for the latest image of Sung.

Monday, May 2, 2016

See you in a little bit

Sung started posting more pictures on his instagram account. I wish I were a car person. I'm not against of it, but I guess I'm just an average female who knows what my family and close friends are driving, but that's about it. My niece is actually a little better because she is so into Transformer. But anyway, I'm really glad he is a car person. That keeps him busy and produce a lot of grate shots and stories to share with us.

By the way, I'm traveling international starting tomorrow. I may or may not be able to update this blog for a while. That does not mean I got noting to say about how much I adore Sung. Let's see how much I can do with my iPad mini.