Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sung's next move (?)

Sorry for not updating this blog for a while! Like I said in my previous article, I have been out of country for almost a month. But I have been checking out my google alert with key word, "Sung Kang." So, I detected the post I'm referring to here a few days ago.

It is always good to see the latest look of Sung's. I also found this article talking about the possible next work for him.

But I guess it is still a rumor level so far. I saw this movie (animation) when I was in highschool. I won a pair of free movie tickets from a contest in a magazine. Back then, I was crazy about reading cartoons of this sort. (Well, not any more. After I moved to the states, I gave up on this hobby.) I remember seeing this movie with my younger brother back then. If Sung will be there, that'll be great. But I want him to get a major role like Kaneda here, not like one of the gang members.