Sunday, September 10, 2017

Which one?

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I googled about the business and found there many. Hmm.. No longer in NYC? If it is the one in Edison, NJ, that's where I used to hang out often. I still go there once or twice every year because my best friend lives near there. There are many Korean business near there including a sauna. Hope I bump into you around there someday. :D

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Season 5? Welcome back to East Coast!

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Hope you don't catch a cold after moving from 108F to 55F in one day. So glad to see you back in NYC. More selfie, please! You always look good in NYC. :D I just did a quick Google Search and found this article and photo from last year: I know I normally don't want to spread too much about his private side, but I suppose he gave "OK" to this business to use his photo and the story. Maybe I should stop by this restaurant next time I go to NYC, too. Oh wait, I'm pre-diabetic. :P

Naked Pirate? Show us!

You lost weight...

Is that for your next role or simply because of your age that you look older (skinnier) in this photo that you post on Solar Eclipse day. I like both -- round Sung or sharp Sung. I also managed to lose weight a little bit. I was so freaked out when I got diagnosed as sugar diabetes earlier this year. But thanks to my husband who started cooking more protein and less carbs and I became more serious about exercising, I'm back to very low end of pre-diabetic number now. Anyway, hope everyone stay healthy. I can also see your forehead has a little big widened. Maybe it's very mean of me saying this. But don't worry. I kind of like it. My hubby has a lot bigger forehead. And mine has grown recently, too. And I'm not sad about that. I take it as a sign of we are getting wiser. No?