Sunday, February 22, 2009

Networking = Powerful

I started feeling less guilty about stealing pictures from someone else's photo albums because I see many of other fans of Sung Kang's also steal from my site or albums. That does not really bother me anyway. In fact, those are actually not "my pictures" from the first place. I just took screenshots from his works or edit pictures that I stole from someone else's site, etc. The only exceptions are the ones taken by my husband and myself. There are total around 20 of them including not-to-well-taken ones. Those are the genuinely "my pictures." I even got Sung's direct oral "OK" for them. (Not sure if he remembers about that, though). But the picture I'm posting today is not one of them. This was is fresh stolen today. :P

This one is not from google search or flickr. This is from networking. As I mentioned several times in the past in this blog, I do enjoy expanding my Sung Kang fans netowrk. I like hearing from other fans who come from totally different background from mine. It is great that I can be in the same network with them with one important thing in common, we are all big Sung Kang fans. We all collect Sung's pictures. We all share what we know about Sung.

I don't know anything about this pix. But since Roger is next to Sung, and from his hair style, I guess this one was takind during FTG's grass-route tour in 2006. Looks like they are in the plane. Did Sung took himself by his camera in the left hand? I know he sometimes does that.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sung's latest look makes me wonder...

Someone who had a Valentine's Dinner at Saketini posted a picture and tag Sung on facebook. I stole this picture from there and cropped Sung's face. Sorry, it's small. But it's good to see that Sung lost a few ponds since New Year and had his hair cut. Let me take a wild guess. His next role is a Japanese soldier in WW2. OK. It came from no where. Don't quote me!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Sung is an excellent brother for his younger sister.  He is helping her selling her designed clothing through his MySpace page. 

I liked many of them, but it seems that those are all in Asian girl's size, meaning, I'm too big to fit even though I am an Asian female, too.  :(  I wish she design something for larger size...

My friend told me that Sung directly got back to her when she contacted him to order one through MySpace. Hurry! It may be your chance to get a direct connection with Sung. I'm not sure how long he will continue taking orders...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

From old archive (2002 or 2003?)

I found this picture by searching Flickr. It is Sung next to John Cho at some kind of event featuring "Better Luck Tomorrow," I suppose.  (Sorry, I just saved this picture without knowing the detail like where/when it was taken.)

He looks young here. But when he did the highschool kid in this movie, he was already late 20s' or almost 30. I know it is common that someone over 20 does highschool kid role, butI was a little shocked that those almost 30s' guys are doing excellent in the movie. 

It is still one of my most favorite movies.