Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sung used to be a smoker

I heard Sung quited smoking a few years ago. Not sure when precisely. But I think he was a smoker when this movie, Better Luck Tomorrow was filmed back in 2002 or so. I wanna know how he was able to quit. It's really good for him and I'm glad that he is not a smoker anymore.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Korean American vs Korean

I am not too crazy about Korean actors from Korea, but I do have a few favorites movies and actors. One very strange idea poped up in my mind and I am not sure how many people will agree with me, but, don't you think Sung is kind of between Song Gang Ho and Lee Byung Hun? I mean, the appearance wise. Both are very famous actors in Korea and they are in my most vavorite movie, JSA - Joint Security Area.

I did not have this idea that Sung looks like someone between those two totally different looking actors. This picture suddenly reminded me Song Gang Ho. But Sung is not as ajussi as Song Gang Ho. He is as cool as Lee Byung Hun. But not as sweet as Lee Byung Hun, maybe. Am I making any sense here?

Sung in Germany now

Don't ask me why or what Sung is doing in Germany because I have no clue. But I just heard that he is in Germany right now. I hope I can find out more later.

Anyway, this image if also from the short film, 9:30. I like Sung with this angle. I think he looks great in this type of role - someone in the middle of nowhere. He reminds me the feeling I used to have - feeling like it is around the end of the summer vacation season. I know I have to move on but still try to look for more reasons to forgive myself not to.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sung's fingers

I realized what makes Sung so sexy. It's his figures! He has a very sexy fingers. I think he has a very good bone structure.

Kelly Hu in Sung's movie

I tend to ignore everything but Sung when I watch Sung's movie, but I must admit that I liked Kelly Hu in UNDOING. I did not realized that she is the one from X-men 2. I liked her there, too. I have an unconfirmed belief that she showed up in the movie close to the end even after she was killed by Wolverine. So far, nobody agreed with me.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The first Sung's picture I took

I know, I know. It is not a good shot. But it is the very first Sung's picture I took. It was in Silver Spring, Maryland in September 2007. He was there as a part of grass-root promotion tour for Finishing the Game.

I still remember very clearly about the first moment I saw Sung in this theater. He was walking toward me. Well, it does not mean that he was coming to me. It's just that I was on his way to get out of the theater or go to his seat. He looked just like Han from Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. He looked a little taller than I imagined.

I quickly let my husband know that it is Sung Kang who just passed by us. But my husband did not really care. My husband even did not bring his camera with him though I told him that Sung and other casts from this movie may be at the theater. So, I ended up with taking this picture with my own not-so-professional digital camer with slow focus and shutter speed.

My husband and I agreed that Roger talked too much. Well, don't get me wrong. It's not bad to see his enthusiasm and I like Roger, too. But I just love Sung too much. My husband felt that even though they - Roger and Sung - are both Asian American, we can feel the differentce between them as Chinese and Korean.

BTW, it was really good to hear Justin's story, too. I remember a lot of things Justin said. I think I am fashionated by Sung not only because of Sung himself, but also becaue of Justin. I think Justin is the one who knows how to show who Sung is. I really want to see Sung in Justin's future works.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Warm heart

Sung has a really caring heart. Check this out:

He really loves children and he belives that all of kids deserve same amount of chances to get happy lives. It is not fair that some kids end up with finding themselves on the street and have noother option than becoming a soldier to survive tomorrow. That is really terrible. Though we cannot make a big change in one shot, I agree with Sung that if there are more people like Sung, who does something for them, there will be differences. I am not sure how much I can do, but I need to see what I can do.

Anyway, I wonder if Sung is interested in having his own kids someday. He isn't too young to be a father.

Monday, April 7, 2008

LIFE ain't no CRYSTAL stair

I do not have much information about this film. But according to the description found in amazon, Sung Kang is in it. And it does sounds interesting to me. I just don't know how I can get this. It is in my wish list with amazon, but they have not found any copy available for my purchase since last year. Does anyone have this copy?

Link to amazon

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Asian American actors/actresses

I was not too crazy about Asian American actors until I knew Sung Kang, But I remember I really liked Russell when I saw "The Joy Luck Club (1993)." I did not know that he is an Asian American back then. I thought he is an actor from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

Frankly speaking, I'm not a big movie fan to begin with. Well, I was once - until I became low teens. I used to check out all movies imported from USA and knew a lot of actors or actresses names. But that was until I becam 15 years old. For some reason, I totally lost my interest in chasing American movies or any kinds of movies, TV dramas, or even music. I mean, I do enjoy them once a while, but I have not been proactive when it comes to what is the name of the actor in what movie, etc. That's why I did not recognize Russell's name when Sung told me, "Russell said he is coming later." That was when I went to see Sung in NYC for the theatrecal release of UNDOING. I guess I looked very dumn to Sung because I did not recognize Russell's name. But I quickly remembered about him from the preview of UNDOING and then, suddenly remembered that he is the famous actor! And I was very impressed once in my favorite movie, The Joy Luck Club.

Silly me, did not recognize his name! But again, honestly, I do not know many actors' or actresses' names even those from very famous main stream movies. I only know those who have been famous since before early 80s', like Tom Cruise. No offense to the movie industry, but I only care about Sung. But after I knew Sung, I started regaining my interest to movies especially around Asian American category.

Forbidden Warrior (2004)

Well, it's not a 5-start movie, but I am glad I purchased this on DVD. It is one of those, "oh well," movie, but still, Sung did an excellent job here! If you are Sung's fan, you won't regret watching this movie. At least, I enjoyed capturing a lot of screenshots of Sung's from this movie. - genuine blog by Sung Kang

One of my friends just told me about this blog by Sung Kang himself! Check this out~

We can read what he wrote there and he seems to be updating this blog very often. In fact, I saw a new posting today!

I really admire him spending his time thinking about doing something good. I should start reading about the organizatin he supports to learn more.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sung = from Singapore (?)

I recieved UNDOING in DVD on Monday! I was sooooo excited to get this DVD even though I have already watched UNDOING in NYC last year. You know why? Because of this short film, "9:30," featuring Sung Kang!

Well, since I've been talking to a lot of Singaporean these days, I can tell he does not sound like a Singaporean though he tried. But aside from that, this is a very well done. It reminded me a movie, "Happy Together," my favorite movie. This is the abbreviated version of that movie, in my opinion. I like this type of film -- nothing is clear and nothing seems to be going on -- but cannot take my eyes off of it.

I will capture more images and post on this blog later.