Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My flight to LA = booked!

The picture is not relevant to what I am writing here. I just found this via a google image search and just grabbed.

OK. It's finally my tern to participate an event to which Sung may (or may not) show up. I just booked my round trip air ticket to LAX! Hope I can make the connection flight at Chicago, so I can be on time for the event starting at 7pm PST in Little Tokyo. It'll be nice to hang out there as I've never been there.

If I get to see him in person, I want to do at least one selfie with him! I will take a lot of other pictures, too! But if it turned out that he won't be there, that's OK though I may cry. I guess at least Justin is confirmed to be there. Actually, there are many questions about this movie and  his other works. So, it'll be great if I can join the panel discussion after the film screening. I need to prepare well. If Sung does show up and has enough time for me, I'll try taking a video asking Sung to say hi to other fans whom I became friends through this blog, and post it there. I have a lot of ideas. But not sure if any of them can come true. I'll keep on dreaming...

BTW, I did ask my husband to come with me. But he said "negative." He is not as crazy as I am when it comes to a chance to meet Sung in person. So, I'll be on my own, traveling coast-to-coast, just for the hope to see Sung in person. It'll be just 2 days trip - staying only one night near LAX. I'll try my first Uber for my ride to Little Tokyo.

P.S. Yes. I'm a little afraid. I'm not afraid of flying or traveling long distance alone -- I've done that so many times. I'm just afraid of seeing him with my teeth #10 missing. Implant is done. But I still need to wait until April to get the crown. Hope Sung does not get scared to see me with one teeth missing. Or I will try not to smile or open my mouth too big. lol~

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I bought a ticket for the next event!


Thanks to Google Alert, I came to know about this film screening scheduled in LA. Looks like Justin is confirmed to be there while the rest of casts/staffs TBA. I'm not sure if Sung is on set these days. But since he lives in LA, there is a chance that he just drop by. I went ahead to book a ticket for this event. But I have to wait my boss to approve my time off request for a short notice. It's actually not a perfect timing for me to travel long distance like this (I live in East Coast side) because my business trip is already booked in the same week. But let's see. If Sung will be there for sure, I shall be there. I already passed two opportunities last week -- once in September for film screening of The Motel, and the second one in November when Sung showed off his Fugu Z in Vegas. But this event... it's not clear if Sung will be there or not. I hope he will. But let's see...


Saturday, January 2, 2016

How was your first dream of 2016?


I could not see him in my first dream of 2016 this year. But I found this picture someone posted on instagram, which looks very nice! Let me share.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. Mine wasn't too bad. We didn't do much, but it was alright. I just with it does not end tomorrow.

Moreover, I want to see more and more of Sung this year! Let's keep all of his works coming to our ways!