Monday, October 31, 2011


Who else will join me saying this, "leer at me, Sung! I don't mind~~~." :D

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where is the camera?

Looks like it is one of the pictures from last Friday in San Diego. I like this - nobody but Sung is looking at this camera. There must be other camera guy talking to the girls here... lol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

He was there!

Looks like Knots Premier went well and I see Sung was there yesterday in San Diego!

Too bad I wan't there... you know, there is always one big challenge -- reality! I'd come to any place if I know I can see Sung in person. But hey, I can still be happy to see how he is doing there in this picture. So, no complain. I just need to save my pleasure until my next chance.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How was it?

Did any of this blog readers go to see "Knots" today in San Diego? If yes, I envy you! If not, let's wait until next chance.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am trying to take more and more screenshots from Fast Five that I downloaded legally.

I know the camera is not focusing on Sung here, but I am focused on him!

I wish Sung tweet more with pictures of himself. It's great that he share what he sees. We love them. But it'll be even more better if he took himself more often... Don't you agree?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Administrative matter

In case my visitor wonders who else are also after Sung, I have enabled some visitor tracking tool and created a dashboard off of data I collected. Everything is free! I'm so stingy and can't imagine myself spending extra $$ for this kind of thing, but I do't mind spending my time doing this kind of stuff some how. Sorry, this article includes no Sung's pic, but I thought it may be good to include this kind of info from time to time.

Sung on bicycle

If you are following Sung's tweet, you know Sung recently posted a picture of his bicycle:

Looks like the same one with same decorations. I wonder if this Sumo wrestler doll is Konishiki, who was performing in Tokyo Drift with Sung. Remember the big guy in the pot? He is actually an American though he has been pretty famous Sumo wrestler in Japan for a while -- like when I was a kid. Anyway, just wondered and I may be totally wrong here.

So, this bicycle does not look like the one for an intensive exercise, but rather being used for a casual transportation method. I guess it's important to have alternative transportation over there in LA where roads become parking lots a few times a day.

Oh, by the way, riding a bicycle with ear phones like this is illegal in Japan. Not sure in California, though...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Can I come to San Diego?

This is another screen print I took from the preview of "Knots." I've never been to Hawaii despite the fact the I am a Japanese. Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation places for majority of Japanese. California, too, the other very popular destination for Japanese. But somehow, I'm stuck in East Coast. When can I see Sung in person again? It's been 4 years. When will he come back to East Coast? I thought he said he likes East Coast. Oh well,,

Here we go!

From this week, Fast Five is always with me! I downloaded it from iTunes store! I can't thank Jobs enough for letting me be with Sung all the time like this. I am one of those worst iPhone addicts, can't stop holding it in my hand 24x7 -- you can ask my husband and colleagues about that.

Anyways, I know most of the repeaters of this blog actually don't care about my personal addiction. I know it's all about Sung for that you keep coming back to here. I won't blame you 'cuz I know I'll do the same to those who post something about Sung.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Follow him!

Sung Kang's photo Running in the rain. Not delicious.
Sung Kang on WhoSay

I just realized that the code to embed Sung's post is available. So, I just grabbed it and pasted here. If you are not following Sung's tweeting, you should!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can't help sharing

Did you see the trailer? Yes? Yes? It's still Tuesday, but I feel like it's Friday because I see this!

And now, Fast Five is on my iPad. If you know me, you know I'm taking screenshots now~~

Stay tuned!

Trailer is up!

Check this out!!!

Now on iTunes store!

I'm downloading now! By the time I wake up tomorrow morning, it'll be all mine~~

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Official Poster!

Check this out! Sung is right in the middle of 5 pictures in this poster! Yey~~

I still don't know if I can come to San Diego. There is a chance.

By the way, have you seen "The Motel," a film by the same director, Michael Kang? It's a must-see.

Check out my old article about this movie, too.

By the way, I really enjoy hearing from other fans asking me about "why you are so crazy about him for such a long period of time without any blank?" Well, I don't know. Once you made a choice, you don't look back, right? lol~