Saturday, August 26, 2017

You are my little assassin

Actually, this is my most favorat moment in this movie! (And I just downloaded video capture software, 7 days trial). lol~

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cursing in second language?

I watched episode 9 to find Sung's cute accent (probably) when he cursed something in Korean. I don't think he does that in his real life. I wonder how much words/sentences in Korean Sung uses frequently. Almost none, I suppose. The only time he use his Korean skill is when he was asked to do that for the role or when he orders 자장면.

She said "no," and you said "yes."

I've been waiting for this and as soon as it turned into 8/24, I started watching it. According to my Fitbit, I slept only 5 hours last night. But that's OK. I cannot complain about commercials because it's a free streaming. Though I struggle to get up in the morning today, I don't regret about staying up until 2pm to finish watching this work.

If you are a serious Sung Kang fan like I am, you will love "Party Boat."

I'm not sure how much I should talk about it because I should not spoil the story too much. But let me talk about a few of my favorite scenes.

Sung's singing Karaoke! I've seen photos in which Sung enjoying Karaoke. I suppose he is not shy about it. I wish I can go to Karaoke with him someday. Hope he can sing at least one or two Korean songs with me.

Sung's dancing! I've read it somewhere that Sung is actually pretty good at break-dance. In this movie, it seems he pretends like he is not as good as he actually is, just so it becomes funny. Hope I'm not wrong here. Otherwise, I may be offending his dancing skill. j/k. It was very nice to see him dancing.

Sung being a mama's boy. I like how the role for Sung's mom was expressed in this movie. Somehow, everyone on the boat, most of which (if not all) are not Asian, keep calling her "엄마 = mama in Korean." It was so funny to see her discriminating others at the beginning, but eventually, enjoying herself with everyone later.

This movie made me smile and wish that I can join this kind of party someday. Great work to everyone involved there!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Getting complicated

Yes. I'm sill watching. I realized Sung's role remains involved throughout the season.

To be honest, I didn't get all the details. I'd better check Wikipedia later. But it is certainly getting more interesting and brutal. I'm not a big fan of brutality. But I think it is still OK level so far.

We gotta stay tunes on this show.