Saturday, May 30, 2009

Looking from the side = also good!

I was going to grab another picture from Sung's facebook page, but it was not accessible. Not sure if anything went wrong... Hope he gets his profile accessible from others again soon, so I can see his recent looks tagged by someone else.

It's almost end of May 09, meaning, it's been 2.5 years since I fell in love with Sung. I think I never failed to think of him each day since then. He is always on my mind.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Han Lue before/after Tokyo

I just came across this discussion today. It's good to see people talk about Han Lue.

I also cannot wait to see the bonus feature which is planned to be included in DVD where I can see more about Han and Dom.

I wonder if Justin can create another spin off film focusing Han as a main character. But Sung is getting older... and it may not be easy for him to keep acting like early/mid 20's. As you may know, if you a a big fan of Han Lue like I am, Han died in 2006. So, Has cannot be older than back then.

I just personally want to see Sung doing something crazy in Tokyo. He does not have to be Han for that.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I went to JUMP store this weekend

I guess I don't really have no choice but keep using stolen pictures because I don't get to see Sung in person and take pictures on my own. But if the photographer contacts me and request a credit or the picture to be removed, I will comply. So, feel free to leave your comment here if you are the photographer.

Anyway, what I'm going to write this time is not related to this picture. I just need to use at least one picture of Sung's every time I update this blog. But like I said, I don't have a stock of pic that I can offically freely use. So, I just edit whatever picture I got online and re-use it for my own sake.

OK. I just wanted to say that I went to JUMP store in SOHO, NYC on Saturday. I purchased a pair shoes (or boots?) called "TABI."

"Tabi" is a Japanese word for a traditional Japanese style socks.

It does have a "tabi" feeling, but it is not a tabi, which does not bother me. After all, designers or marketing people can call whatever they designed to however they like, I suppose.

Film Festival = BLT reunion (?)

I really hope the person who took this picture does not mine me re-using it here. Sorry, I cannot even give a credit because I'm not sure to whom I should do so.

Anyway, I found this pix from facebook because someone tag Sung. I was like, "Wow..." It's so good to see them together like this. Everyone looks good. I searched fruther about this event and found a few more pictures:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Justin did it!

I know it's already more than a month passed since the release day of Fast and Furious. I was late. But finally, my husband and I went to the nearest theater to catch how Justin and Sung did. And don't get me wrong. I know it is kind of "evaluation version," from which i took this screenshot, but I'm a legitimate fan and do plan to purchase legit DVD and will download this movie from iTune store once it becomes available. But I just needed to get some images from there before those things become available.

OK. Enough about my execuse.

Yes. Justin did it! Even though I'm not the type of the person who is crazy about cars, I enjoyed this movie a lot maily the first 10 minutes. Excellent! I'm really proud of them.

I heard there will be a bonus feature where we can see Han does more. I can't wait to see that.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sung as a producer

According to IMDB, there are three works Sung participated as a producer or co-producer. Two of them are the ones Sung was also in it as an actor, but there is one which Sung does not show up.

Talk to Taka

I was a little surprised when I found this work listed in Sung's page, because I remember watching this in 2000. Back then, I was working in Long Island, NY. I had a couple of friends trying to start up some kind of online video portal site as a side business and asked me to check out as an example of what they want to do. This site seems not longer be around or merged to some other business. When I typed this in, I was re-directed to another site, which seems not to be related at all. Maybe they sold the domain name and went out of business. Anyway, I remember wathing this short clip back then. Back then, I was working with a company where one of the managers is a nephew of Pat Morita's. But even without that, I know Pat Morita from Karate Kid, of course.

Well, there is no conclusion for what I'm saying here. I just felt happy when I found Sung was involved with the project which I enjoyed back in 2000. I think I meant to be Sung's fan since then.

Regarding the side business idea, I forgot what exactly happened. But those friends become busy with their personal lives (found a new gf, etc.) and we just lost our interest in pursuing this. I guess I was one of those thousands who'd say "I could've been the YouTube founder if I stayed there a little longer back then..."