Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Spin off!

I totally agreed with this article. Let me quote:

"Honestly, I could not bring myself to enjoy Shaw’s redemption in Fate (baby-protecting fight scene and all!) because of his actions with Han, the true best character in the Fast and Furious franchise. I will only be on board with this spin-off if it entails Han coming back from the dead and becoming Shaw’s worst nightmare."

This one is old and I may have posted the similar one already, but I still like it! Perhaps the spin off should start from right here!

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OK, next. How about Code8? I saw many people posting photos from Toronto. Still no word about dates for Premiere in each location yet.

And this is my recent favorite.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Which one?

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I googled about the business and found there many. Hmm.. No longer in NYC? If it is the one in Edison, NJ, that's where I used to hang out often. I still go there once or twice every year because my best friend lives near there. There are many Korean business near there including a sauna. Hope I bump into you around there someday. :D

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Season 5? Welcome back to East Coast!

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Hope you don't catch a cold after moving from 108F to 55F in one day. So glad to see you back in NYC. More selfie, please! You always look good in NYC. :D I just did a quick Google Search and found this article and photo from last year: I know I normally don't want to spread too much about his private side, but I suppose he gave "OK" to this business to use his photo and the story. Maybe I should stop by this restaurant next time I go to NYC, too. Oh wait, I'm pre-diabetic. :P

Naked Pirate? Show us!

You lost weight...

Is that for your next role or simply because of your age that you look older (skinnier) in this photo that you post on Solar Eclipse day. I like both -- round Sung or sharp Sung. I also managed to lose weight a little bit. I was so freaked out when I got diagnosed as sugar diabetes earlier this year. But thanks to my husband who started cooking more protein and less carbs and I became more serious about exercising, I'm back to very low end of pre-diabetic number now. Anyway, hope everyone stay healthy. I can also see your forehead has a little big widened. Maybe it's very mean of me saying this. But don't worry. I kind of like it. My hubby has a lot bigger forehead. And mine has grown recently, too. And I'm not sad about that. I take it as a sign of we are getting wiser. No?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

You are my little assassin

Actually, this is my most favorat moment in this movie! (And I just downloaded video capture software, 7 days trial). lol~

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cursing in second language?

I watched episode 9 to find Sung's cute accent (probably) when he cursed something in Korean. I don't think he does that in his real life. I wonder how much words/sentences in Korean Sung uses frequently. Almost none, I suppose. The only time he use his Korean skill is when he was asked to do that for the role or when he orders 자장면.

She said "no," and you said "yes."

I've been waiting for this and as soon as it turned into 8/24, I started watching it. According to my Fitbit, I slept only 5 hours last night. But that's OK. I cannot complain about commercials because it's a free streaming. Though I struggle to get up in the morning today, I don't regret about staying up until 2pm to finish watching this work.

If you are a serious Sung Kang fan like I am, you will love "Party Boat."

I'm not sure how much I should talk about it because I should not spoil the story too much. But let me talk about a few of my favorite scenes.

Sung's singing Karaoke! I've seen photos in which Sung enjoying Karaoke. I suppose he is not shy about it. I wish I can go to Karaoke with him someday. Hope he can sing at least one or two Korean songs with me.

Sung's dancing! I've read it somewhere that Sung is actually pretty good at break-dance. In this movie, it seems he pretends like he is not as good as he actually is, just so it becomes funny. Hope I'm not wrong here. Otherwise, I may be offending his dancing skill. j/k. It was very nice to see him dancing.

Sung being a mama's boy. I like how the role for Sung's mom was expressed in this movie. Somehow, everyone on the boat, most of which (if not all) are not Asian, keep calling her "엄마 = mama in Korean." It was so funny to see her discriminating others at the beginning, but eventually, enjoying herself with everyone later.

This movie made me smile and wish that I can join this kind of party someday. Great work to everyone involved there!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Getting complicated

Yes. I'm sill watching. I realized Sung's role remains involved throughout the season.

To be honest, I didn't get all the details. I'd better check Wikipedia later. But it is certainly getting more interesting and brutal. I'm not a big fan of brutality. But I think it is still OK level so far.

We gotta stay tunes on this show.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Gif animation from Tumblr

I just saw someone created this and posted on his/her blog at:

The full episode can be found at:

(*I think I pasted a link to the same video but probably on YouTube instead of vimeo. So, it's not a "never-seen-before," but good to share anyway.)

Time to check out the c__k prosecutor

I know I waited too long... it's been already episode 4 completed and episode 5 will be aired tomorrow. But since I saw the news saying the case dismissed, I figured it's time for me to start 7-day free trial and catch up with all the episodes aired so far, and yes, I did that! Took several screenshots, too.  :)

I like the show though I haven't watched previous any episodes from previous seasons. But I can feel those main characters are well developed. And I like Sung's role, a mean prosecutor for the main character.

Can you tell how mean he is in this screenshot? Well, prosecutor's job is to prosecute the suspect. So, he cannot be super nice. He had to hide his real personality here because who he is is completely opposite. Actually, that may not be a correct statement. I heard he majored in political science. Though he didn't go to a law school, he could be a prosecutor. That might have been more realistic goal before he chose to be an actor. So, this is not a totally opposite version of Sung, but just an alternative Sung. No?

Anyway, I enjoyed the show. I'm debating if I should cancel my subscription if Sung is no longer shown for the rest of the season. But let's see.

Am I a good fan just watching my favorite actor's part and ignore the rest?

The show is great, and the rest of characters there are very attractive. Hope John Mak comes back...

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Party time!

I'm no longer a top runner when it comes to talking about what's up with Sung. Yes. I cannot complete with instagram. But I'm still blogging. Someday, people will see me as the last one standing among all fans who once claim themselves as #1 fan. They are all wrong! Well, I don't mean to be harsh. I just want Sung to know that he is always on my mind though I'm not posting his photos on instagram every day. And of course, I have nothing against to those who do that. I actually appreciate them all.

Anyway, I can't wait to see "Party Boat" later this summer! This one, I will watch for sure because it's free~~  (Yes, I'm a stingy one). I will eventually watch all episode of Power, too. Just waiting for the current season to conclude, so I can watch them all in one day. I love finishing the whole episode of one season in one day. I just don't have good patience to wait every week to find out what's next. So, I'm not only stingy, but also impatient. But I still love Sung and want to watch all of his performance and photos. Let me paste a few links below for my own sake. I just need to keep all Sung's photo handy.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

I'm sorry, I haven't sign up for Starz yet...

Meanwhile, let me share some nice looking photos found on instagram...

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Deep feeling man - @sungkangsta Impressive acting💔 #paliroad #paliroadfilm #sungkang

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#fastandfurious#sungkang#losangeles @sungkang

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Are we ready?

Everyone! It's June 24th today! Do you know what does that mean to us? It's Power-eve! OK. I'll be honest. I haven't sign up with Starz yet. But it seems signing up and starting 7 days trial is pretty quick and easy. I'm just waiting for the last minute or wait until Season 4 ends, then, watch them all in one day?

*In this video, Sung is very briefly introduced around 3:11

Meanwhile, I'm getting a lot of update from Team "Code 8." Glad to see things are going well including Sung on set in Toronto. I used to live near there. Well, not exactly "near" there, but didn't I share my old secret that one of my ex lived in Toronto while I live in Rochester, NY. I felt Rochester and Toronto is "near-by" because he used to visit me every weekend, crossing boarder at Niagara Falls. So, Toronto and Niagara Falls bring me back to late 90s'. Also, I saw their Cloud Funding site keeps adding more perks such as a cap. I was going to buy one anyway, and it's only $25. I might get one soon and start jogging/walking with it this summer.  :)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Delayed project (but that's OK)

I am a proud backer to this project that reached 860% of their fund raising goal. That's great and I understand this type of movie cannot be made in a few weeks. And I don't want to make myself sounds like complaining about this too much. But the park I signed up for -- Attend the Premiere - NYC is now postponed to December 2018 from November 2017.

It's kind of a good news for me because I just found one of my very good long-time friend invited me to her wedding in Nov 2017. So, I don't have to worry about the conflict. But we need to wait for another year...? Tears...

Besides, I'm a little concern that Sung may not be there with all the latest news, which is great for him -- he will be in FF9 (and possibly 10 as well?). I suppose you has to prioritize his job. The reason why I suspect this -- though we are talking about 1.5 years from now -- is that the "upgrade" deal, which allows us to put more in this project and get ourselves invited to the party with the casts and staffs did not mention Sung's name. I think many of us who put $450 for Attend the Premiere deal will be very disappointed if we don't get to see Sung in person.

I know. I sound like a kid. "Hey, the adult people promised that, but now, all I get is this?" There is probably no liability issue involved here. But I will be really sad if I cannot see him in person.

But anyway, I'll be closely monitoring their progress at their online journal.

**Looks like you need to be a backer to get the password. It starts as little as $5, which got just re-opened. Hurry!

Links to articles about the project below:

A lot of updates (and old video/photos)

I know. I'm not fully up to speed with what's up with Sung these days. But it does not mean I don't care any more. I've been reading articles and watching videos. So, I have a pretty good idea about what's going on. In fact, I'm one of stakeholder of Code 8 project. I'm getting their update via email often these days. But first thing first, let me share some old video I overlooked earlier and some related video.

And as always, thanks to my great Sung Kang fan network, I get to see a variety of Sung on instagram. Shout out to & They are getting better and better and building up history, too. I still have several more years of history when it comes to being a super strong Sung Kang fan. But I update this blog only a few times each month. :( but it does not mean my love to Sung is weaker. It's just a different style. And we are lovers not fighters. So, we are not competing but just helping each other. :)

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Confirmation about his last name

There were many good stuffs revealed during this panel discussion, but what caught my attention most is Justin's confirmation about Han's last name not being "Seoul-Oh." According to Justin, it was a fake ID that was shown on the monitor. That was not Han's real name! I know, I said it the other way earlier in this blog. But now, I know I was wrong. One famous dispute got fully settled.

Though I'm not naively Asian American, I can relate many things they were saying there. But I also have to agree with Justin said at the end. This kind of struggle won't be understood (or cared) by Asians in Asia. And it's not good or bad. It is just a fact. No point to feel positive or negative about that. I think I know which movie Justin was talking about. And I watched it. Now, I know why Sung did the role instead of the main character. But I actually liked the bad guy he did a lot more than the main character. So, it kind of worked out.

One more fact confirmation during this discussion -- Sung doesn't have a kid. I knew it, but I wasn't sure because that kind of thing could change any time. So, I was wondering if it's still that way or not.

Their conversation brought me back to my 2000 as well. I was in NY. I didn't know about Sung. I didn't know about this movie. It was still my 5th year since I came to the states. I was just out of my grad school and was back to my first employer whom I left in 98. I remember internet was getting popular back then, but most of us still had a very slow connection like 56Kbps modem. Too early to start watching streaming video thought there were a few sites trying to show some video. Yes. VHS tapes were everywhere back then. In fact, my back-then employer was manufacturing and selling VHS tapes. And it was around the time that many of us started having a cell phone. I remember that time very well.

One more thing I remember around that time is that I watched a short video on iFilm (or I forgot how it was called, but that was like pre-YouTube type of video sharing site for creators) and it was featuring Pat Morita as a Sushi Chef. Several years later, I learned that Sung was involved in the production there. I think I saw it somewhere and I felt my fate. Though I did't know Sung until 2006, I was programmed to be his fan since then.

To be honest with you, I still feel a little bit distance from Asian American even after I became naturalized. We can probably never be one of them. They won't like first generation. They won't like our accent. I just felt that way after watching a TV show where a Japanese famous guy who moved to French 20 years ago was criticized by his son about how broken his French is. Though he can communicate with others and he seems to be fairly respected by others for his talent as an award winning novelist and artist, his son feel ashamed. It might be because his son is still too young -- seems to be a teenager -- and he may start seeing it differently later. In the TV show, it was introduced as a "funny" episode. But I felt a pain of the guy. If I have a child who speaks English naively and does not like how I sound when I speak in English, I wont' fight for his or her perception. But I will feel sad and just wish that someday, he or she start taking it differently. Well, it happened to me as well. I thought we have to speak like Americans and try getting rid of our accent from another language as much as possible. Right now, I don't really feel that way. I still feel a bit embarrassed whenever I swap "r" and "l" sound, which happens to me pretty often. But I'm embarrassed just because it often means something else when I do. For example, "it is long" vs "it is wrong." But why I do that? Simple. Because I'm from Japan.

Someday, I wish I have a chance to engage Sung to talk with me about that.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

What else am I missing?

OK. Let me share my excuse as far as why I didn't post anything for a while here. I was in Japan. My first two weeks of May. And I met a couple of another huge Sung Kang fans there! That was amazing. But I still do not want to let others take #1 position -- #1 Sung Kang fan = me! So, I had to do research manually because my Google Alert stopped finding good articles somehow. (But I still search with Google...)

His next work! But I don't see it listed in IMDB... but some photos shared on instagram:

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As of now, I cannot find the show there, yet. But I just signed up will keep monitoring this site.

Let me catch up first...

Looks like I've been missing out a lot while I was away. So, let me just post some links to video posted recently:

I saw my good friend in Japan who has been uploading at least one pic or video every day on her instagram account mostly related to Sung shared the last video listed above. I totally understand for those who do not speak English daily, it's not clear what is he laughing about or why he is (or looks like) so happy. Well, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea for me to step in explaining the context of the story Sung was telling there, but I had to. I thought she'd like to know what Sung is actually talking about though it's not the happiest story to hear. But what I heard in the first video helped me feeling better. I think the interviewer is right. I think it probably reached 6 out of 10 for how fairly Asian male actors are representing their demography on TV. It's still not as much in movies, though. I totally agree with that. That also helps me start talking about Sung's next work on TV starting soon! I need to decide how I subscribe the show (or the channel, maybe?). I'm still not big on TV. Well, I actually watch movies less than average Americans. I spend time watching casual/comedy shows from Japan most of the time. Thanks to Technology, access to entertainment is not limited for me to something physically local. I don't know enough about what's going on in Hollywood to talk about how it is like. I'm just pretending. But I'm not pretending like I love Sung. I do love Sung. That's for sure.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Posts on instagram of other fans' in Florida & LA

On the set of Snakehead with the man, Sung Kang #sungkang #snakeheadmovie

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Awesome guy pleasure having him as a guest #fastandfurious #sungkang #fateofthefurious

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He was there!

Gee, I missed this event! I knew about it and checked my trip cost, then, gave up! If I knew Sung will be there, I might have squeezed my budget and come out to see him. Oh well. But that's OK because I can still watch videos like this. Great to see how he is doing. I still need to ask this question though -- show is you stylist? lol~

But anyway, it's always great to see latest news about him.  :D

Also, one more picture about Han might be back for the final two of FF:

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Is it getting more real? Is Han officially coming back to the series???

I knew "Han" is so cool and obtained huge number of fans worldwide, but didn't know that there is a plan to further develop what happened in Tokyo. It was shown twice already -- not just a re-play of same scene, but they actually junked RX-7 multiple times for that, I heard -- to fully confirm what happened to Han in Shibuya, Tokyo. What else can they do?

It will be super cool if the whole team comes back to Japan! I know, it's too expensive to shoot in Tokyo. But since this is such a top revenue generating work for the studio, they can invest, can't they?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Data driven mind

It is rare that I post a link to an article where we cannot see Sung's picture or it is not about Sung. But I like this article because it has a scientific and detailed approach to analyze what's going on in our favorite franchise, Fast and Furious.

I feel like we are getting more and more data-driven these days. Whether we like it or not, we do data entry every day. Our activities are recorded everywhere. There is no more privacy even if we are not one of those celebrities. I don't blame people who are still strongly resisting against this and stay away from it as much as possible. But we just don't have choice. Data about us is somewhere up in Cloud. We are to be analyzed. I realized I had to deal with it even before I started this blog or being super active on multiple SNS. After all, I don't have much to hide. It's just the matter of how much someone else need to dig. If there is a valid reason for someone else to dig about me, I'll let them do that. At the same time, it's better to be honest and be yourself as much as you can. Online of offline. That's what I kind of figured as the best strategies to survive this digital age.

By the way, I found this from my friend's instagram account below. Very nice one!

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Still debating...

Thanks to Fi posted this on Sung's official Facebook page, I found another "possible" chance to meet Sung in person. It is not fully confirmed which cast will be there, but sounds like Justin will be there for sure. Unless there is some kind of conflict, Sung should be there, too. But don't blame me if you go there and fail to see him.

What should I do? I'm still debating. Last minute vacation request may be possible with my work, but I am already scheduled to be out between 5/1 to 14. Luckily, my flight, round-trip to Japan, can be changed without major penalty because I booked it with my mileage award with an option to change. And I started viewing my new possible flights from LAX. It sounds doable. I just need to start my vacation a few days earlier than planned. I was going to stay in my parents' house. So, no worry about my accommodation, neither. But should I...?

When I asked my hubby, "hey, would you like to travel to LA?," he immediately asked me, "Is it Sung Kang?" He knows everything. "Yes. Another chance to see him during a film festival." Unfortunately, he wasn't interested. He'd rather receive some cash for the cost of his trip. But good news is, he doesn't mind if I decide to go. He just suggested to go to Japan without coming back to DC. It probably does not make sense to come back to DC for a day or two, then, head to Japan.

You know, flight to LA isn't that expensive -- I found one around $250. There are many cheap hotels near LAX. So, technically speaking, I can afford this.

And it's a known fact that I am as crazy as doing it. But I already booked my chance to see him in NYC in November. So, it may be a bit too much to do twice in a year.

I'm still debating. Well, I cannot book this trip until I get "OK" from my manager anyway. I will ask on Monday. Will Sung do video for me again? This time, I'd like to record his voice for alarm to wake us up. Well, he or his management company may charge me for that. He is a multi-million dollar actor.

Another chance for others in Florida is below.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Just do it, Alright?

 Another excellent article with links to nice video. I love reading articles like this. There are so many people like me, just craving for Han o be back somehow in the series. OK. I'll be honest. I didn't even watch FF7 and probably skip 8 as well. No offence to other casts and crew members, but no Han, no FF to me.

I like how this article suggests option 1 through 5. I don't mind any of them as long as Han comes back in the franchise. Logistic doesn't really bother us. Totally agreed. lol~

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Birthday!

Great video about Han! Found in the article about a great (possible) news.

We are super excited to hear that Han may be brought back to FF! -- I know it's not confirmed, but since he is so popular, the studio may not be able to ignore the "demand."

And it's his birthday today!

Dear Sung,

Happy Birthday to you! I am so happy to see you doing great with many projects, keeping you busy all the time. It was also good to see you in NYC earlier this year! Too bad, I failed to join the project...  well, next time!

It's also good to see you have a lot of fans rooting you all the time. I can see them very actively showing their support to you in Instagram.  :)

Can't wait to see your next work! Stay engaged and keep us posted.