Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clap Clap (2009)

I don't have any information about this besides the one we can find at IMDB. Just took some screenshots from the trailer.

Looking forward to learn more about this work.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sung is good at using chopsticks

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day and Lunar New Year.

I don't have much to share about what's new with Sung except what we can read his blogging. Sounds like he's been jogging very often lately. He also shared how he'd feel after auditioning, etc. So, don't forget to check out his blogging though he said he is not into writing.

Anyway, I added a facebook budget to this site. Sorry, it is not related to Sung, but it is my husband's business. Well, he did took Sung's pictures once. So, he is not totally unrelated to this blog. (In fact, pictures taken by Jun were used in some of my old articles.) So, hope my readers do not mind about me promoting his business like that.

Regarding this pic, I just found it on Sung's fan page in facebook. Yes. Another stole pix.

I like watching him eating something. He looks good with these chopsticks in his hand. :D

BTW, I also added a follower list gudget and edited a template for the article to include socialbookmarking links. Hope this help my readers to keep track on how Sung is doing though there is no guarantee that I'd always know things earlier than my readers would.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fast 5 (2013?)

I know, I know! It's too early to join this rumor about the next version of Fast and Furious. But it seems to be solid that Justin is directing again! Yey~

Haven't heard about Sung's possible involvement yet. But Sung did a major role in Vin's short clip which we can find as bonus feature of FF4, it's not too optimistic to assume Sung will be in again. Has anyone seen any rumor like this?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fans from Japan

I just received one new message from someone I don't know. She said she saw me keep posting Sung's pix on a Japanese social networking site. I like being contacted by other fans like that. Though I'm still now sure if this is the right thing -- taking Sung's screenshots from videos and posting them around, it makes me feel worth continuing as long as there are some people who enjoy them.