Sunday, May 26, 2013

New facts learned!

It's really cool that many interviews with Sung are posted online! And this one gave me new facts! Well, I knew about Han from Better Luck Tomorrow, but this fully confirmed that it, indeed, was meant to be the same guy! That is a good news for fans from Fast and Furious series who have never seen Better Luck Tomorrow. There is one more movie where we can see high school version of Han. Isn't that cool? 

Though my policy is not to disturb his personal life, since he is officially sharing some here, I guess it's OK to talk a little about it this time. So, his wife seems to be a Korean designer! Hmm... Somehow, I was under the impression that she is not from Korea. Well, it is actually written like this -- "She’s a clothing designer in Korea," -- I'm not sure if this can be translated that she is a Korean. 

This interview also helped me confirming that Sung is no longer in restaurant business. I was a little too late to visit the restaurant formally owned by his wife. But I'm still glad that I visited there because it was the place Sung and his family/friends spent some time. 

The interview also clarified that there will be no more Han in future Fast and Furious series. No Justin, No Han. :(  But I don't mind if it turned out that Han has a twin brother who also knows how to drive  fast cars or ride cool motorcycles. I don't mind at all! But I know what Sung meant. Sung is not only Han though Han is always Sung.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wow!! That was really fast and furious!

I know I missed the first day, but I made it tonight! The ticket for 12am was sold out when we got the theater around 11:45pm. My hubby and I had to wait until 1am. But the theater was still packed! And people really loved it! Of couse, so did we. The funny thing is that there aren't that many so-called majority group of people in the audience. Where are they? I kept looking. Anyway, that's not the most important part. I don't want to spoil the movie for those who are going to watch it later. But I must say, excellentest, greatest, the best! All kinds of funs and cool stuffs involved. Well, I must admit that I'm not a car person. But that doesn't really matter. Even my picky hubby loved this one a lot. My hubby said the tank must be CG. Some part may have been. But I can tell there were a lot of physically real cars there. And it was really good to see RX-7 again!

Great job!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today is the day!

Not sure if I can make it tonight, but definitely within this long weekend, I will go get Han on the big screen!

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