Thursday, September 29, 2016

How did I miss this pic?

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This is a great shot!
I used to feel there is no photo of Sung's available online that I haven't seen. But that's not true any more. I see other fans posting pictures that I've never seen. Shame on me!

I started thinking of him even more often lately after I started chatting with other fans from Japan who seems to be as crazy as I am when it comes to Sung. The only way to beat her with the amount of love to him is "time." She is a very strong fan, but just became a fan after watching "Bullet to the Head" aired on TV in Japan recently. So, I'm totally a winner. While I am extremely enjoying talking with her about everything I know about Sung and how obsessed/persistent I have been, I also know she is my competitor! She sometimes mentions how sad it is to realize we are actually nothing for Sung. But that's not true. Fans mean a lot to Sung. I think I heard him saying that. Without fans like us, he will be jobless. So, we must be proud fans! That reminds me, it is probably time to wear "Han Lives!" T-shirt. Yes. I bought it a while ago and wear it sometimes. I didn't get a chance to take picture yet. I thought it might be more cool to take a picture with not-so-brand-new T-shirt, just so people know I've been wearing it a lot. Anyone can buy it and wear it once and take a picture. But to win against competition, I must show a worn T-shirt. OK. I will do that tomorrow! and come to work with it. Craziness!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The picture reminded me my old college friend

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I like seeing Sung dress down like this. He looks comfortable there. But wasn't it some kind of party for the TV show you will be in? Everyone else in other photos looks a little more formal there. lol~~

I just remembered one Korean guy I met when I was in a grad school back in 90s'. He is a Korean, but he was somehow grown up in Caribbean neighborhood. So, in the school, he always hang out with Caribbean groups. His girlfriend was a Caribbean girl. I spoke with him a few times and he was impressed by my Korean language skill. But he did not hang out with Asian people. He would say "hi," to me, though. He was different from any other Korean guy I've seen so far in my life. I forgot how exactly he looked like. But he was a skinny and tall guy with mustache. This picture suddenly reminded me about him. Back then, I had another Korean boyfriend who looks like Jang dong-gun. Well, I know you don't believe me. I actually didn't think my ex looks like Jang dong-gun back then because I didn't know Jang dong-gun. But when I first watched a movie, "Chin-gu," where I saw Jang dong-gun for the first time, I suddenly realized he looks just like my ex. Seriously! I even though it might be him became an actor! Well, maybe it was just a hair style being the same.

I have too many Korean guys in my memory to talk about. But don't worry. Sung, you are the best!


Monday, September 26, 2016

Live from Brooklyn!

So, not much detail still discussed about how Sung's role will look like, but nice preview in the article.

On top of that, today was a really good day despite the fact it was Monday. Sung did Facebook Live for us. It's amazing to see how quickly he gets so much viewers and comments from fans from all over the world! Many are saying they are in Brooklyn, too! Envy you all! I need to keep my eyes on instagram photos for those lucky people bumping into him and getting a photo taken with him.

I was thinking to drive 5 hours to get there only for a chance to be one of those lucky ones. But you know, we all have bills to pay. Plus, he must be really busy reading scripts/memorizing his parts. Can't bother him. But I still don't mind driving 5 hours. lol~

We love your short hair, too!

So, looks like he is in NYC! Yey~  He is in East Coast! I suppose he will stay there for a while or come back often while on set for the next season of "Power." Good to know that they are actually shooting in NYC instead of building something like NYC in Montreal or Toronto.

Hope Sung remembers the time we met there back in 2007. Hey, I'm still in East Coast! Only if West Maryland is also considered as East Coast. :P

Enjoy your time in NYC and happy shooting!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


I turned out so easy to get this episode watched by me! I should've believed in the power of IMDB and Amazon.  :D

I was somehow under the impression that I have to start with season 1. But I was wrong! It seems anyone can start with any episode of any season. We still get it. Completely enjoyable without any in-advance knowledge about the series. Well, I actually didn't get a few scenes. But that didn't bother me anyway.

The best part, of course, is how Sung looks desperate in the plane.

He looks good in Aloha shirt.

I kind of know Sung's cheap hoodlum side. (And I like it, of course.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More articles about his next work

Good to see some more articles about Sung's next work. Too bad, I still do not have cable, and this show is not on Hulu. Looks like it's not free in Amazon Prime, neither. But for season 4, I'll definitely watch it somehow. Well, I'm not saying that I will try illegal way. I stick with regit when it comes to watching Sung's works. I'm a good consumer~~

By the way, I'm not big when it comes to playing video game, but I'd better check out Gran Turismo for FuguZ.  :D

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's on Hulu!

So, I was searching if I can see any of Sung's recent work on Hulu and found it:

Looks like it is slightly different from what I watched on Amazon a while ago. And I fell in love with Sung again!

Let me catch up

Looks like he will be in next season...? Well, I didn't know about this series. I'll be busy catching up with all seasons until season 4 becomes ready. Can't wait to find out more about this series.

Below is not related to the show I just mentioned above, but it's just someone's instagram post. I think it is kind of like "making-of-Tokyo Drift" type of images...?

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Also, just found another instagram account with good stuff!

Another type of police...?

I've been waiting for this movie since I heard about this some time ago.

Glad to know that it'll hit theaters and VOD on Sept 24th!

Sung is using his South-side here, it seems. Let's see.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

More image search in a different language

I didn't know that I can find Sung's images that I have not seen by searching with keyword in Japanese. I haven't seen them before. It seems to be a bit old, but still good to share:

Is it chilly in LA?

Just saw another lucky person bumped into Sung. It seems to be taken in LA, but not sure as they wear winter clothing, it seems...
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One more photo reposted by sungkang_ufo

look who i bump into after my yoga routine #sungkang #myluckyday #nomakeup#fastandfurious @sungkangsta

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I did it! (and that was kind of easy...)

Check this out. I didn't have to do this, but I tested my post based on my experience. Now, my simple post on Google+ linking one of the article in this blog is displayed in top 3 when we do Google Search with keyword, "Sung Kang."

It's even above the link to Sung's official Facebook account or Twitter account.

I know, many of you would say, "so what?" Well, "nothing." But I just felt a little "win" against SEO logic.

I don't have to generate more traffic to my post. But I share this tip with you. If you want Google search to find your page, simply, update your Google+ with the keyword. Maybe it's not only the keyword, but in my case, having "sungkang" in URL for my blog also helping, I suppose. Plus, I've been updating my blog for a while.

I'm not in SEO industry, but just playing around.