Sunday, February 26, 2017


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Glad to see a lot is going on with Snakehead the movie.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

New York today?

It's so good to see him back in China Town, New York. Can't wait to find out more about "Snakehead" the movie.

According to a short video posted by one of the casts in the same work, Sung's role seems to be a gangster who facilitates human trafficking.

I started reading more about human trafficking and getting really depressed. It's so sad to know what's going on in real world in real time. Plus, a long and sad history in each country. We all know it exists somewhere not too far from where we live. I was a bit surprised to learn that Japan is categorized in Tier 2 in Ranking System while some other neighbor countries like South Korean and Taiwan are in Tier 1. That's a shocking fact to me.

Anyway, hope this movie show us something we can feel hopeful about the future. We don't want to enjoy our convenience at a cost of someone else's hardship.

By the way, it seems like Sung himself has been inactive in Twitter/Instagram/Facebook lately. I need to remind him that we want his selfie. Though we can see him through someone else's posting, we feel more connected if Sung posts something on his own. Please don't hesitate to do selfie and share. We want to hear from you.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Need more info about this one...

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Day 14 in NYC?

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend before Valentine's Day.
Do I have any plan? No. I just need to work.
But I'm happy! I'm happy because we can see how production of "Snakehead" is going. I took a few screenshots from "Story." According to the latest images, they just shot a brutal scene. Hope everything is going well with them.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Shame on me...

Facebook just reminded me what I did around this time last year. About a year ago, I met Sung in person after 8 years break. That was a huge "gift" to myself. I had to reward myself with something nice after working so hard in 2015. I didn't hesitate when I found the event where I have a pretty good chance to see him in person though it means $400+ for me to fly to LAX and stay one night plus other misc cost. After that, I learned about another project Sung is involved - Code 8. I didn't hesitate to back the project by pledging $450 for the right to attend New York premiere + a privilege(?) to have a photo with Sung taken in November 2017. -- Now, I just realized I missed a big chance to do even better -- 1-2 hours hang out with Sung plus the movie director! I can't believe I missed this.  T_T

OK. I'm not rich. $1,500 isn't easy. But not impossible. I just got my tax refund. I know I'm so fast and furious when it comes to getting tax refund especially after I became a homeowner. So, I can do $1,500. But I'm not sure if I can do this without making my hubby upset. :(   I just told him that we do not spend our tax refund because we have to buy Tesla Model 3 around the end of 2017. I don't have enough down payment for that.

But the money is not only for 1-2 hours with Sung. It helps the movie, which looks pretty interesting. At first, I didn't have any idea about "Snakehead." But after translated to Japanese, I realized what it is about. I've heard a very brutal true story about it a while ago. It'll be a heavy movie.

I also like the idea that it features an Asian immigrant female in early 30s'. I just missed that because I'm in 40s' now. But otherwise, I'm kind of in the same demography. I just wonder if someone can make a movie featuring someone like me -- well, perhaps not so dramatic. But it's actually been pretty eventful. Not sure if can be a movie, but I do plan to write a non-fiction about it someday. Like so many Korean guys comes and goes. Sung can be a part of my story because he takes up a quite a bit of Korean guys quota in my brain -- almost as much as my hubby does. Anyway, my story won't be as dramatic. But could be a comedy. I just don't know how I can make a public comedy story without embarrassing my family. lol~

Monday, February 6, 2017

Exciting project in NYC

On to a new project? This image reminds me how much I adore Sung having "bad guy" looking.

Too bad, I didn't plan ahead for being a part of this cool looking Indie. It might have been my chance to see Sung on set.  :(