Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to you all~

Post by Sung Kang.

I just received a super cool Thanksgiving gift! Thank you very much Sung and Fiona who confirmed that you received my gift to Sung! It's also great to see how other fans express their love to him. My Sung is loved by many from many different countries, making me so proud!

I'm glad to see people's support to the post by clicking "Like!" button and leave comments. It seems that Ultraman has been shown in several countries. This picture reminded some of their child-time memories. Something small I did reached hearts of good people! Isn't that wonderful?

It's time to start planning my next gift to Sung. His birthday is in April. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm behind recently...

I found more and more fans have been more active and aggressive when it comes to expressing how much they adore Sung. I find more info and nice edited videos from other fan sites. I used to be the one who gets quoted by everyone else, I thought. This blog was the source for many others to come up their own art work. But not any more. For example, this is very nicely done. Hope everyone can see this:

Thank you, hanny-san! Source: (in Japanese, but you can have Google Translate to force it to get displayed in English: