Saturday, August 15, 2009

iPhone as a hacking tool

OK. I'm bad. I stole this picture from another fan site. I hope the admin does not kick me out by this...

This fan site protects image files uploaded there. If you right click on the image, you get warning message pops-up. But if I do the same from iPhone, I have no problem downloading the image. Not sure if it is iPhone specific or Safari browser specific behavior.

Anyway, I wonder what kind of food it was. I want to know what are Sung's most favorite foods.

By the way, I saw this article captured by my google alert:

talking about Sung's blog on alivenotdead. Sung stopped updating his blog there and started his own blog at, where we can see his last update on 2/19/09. I see his interview or someone else talking about him online here and there. But I miss Sung's own writing. He should do twitter or status update on facebook if blogging is too much for him, making my net stalking easier. :P

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