Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flying Solo (2010)

Finally, I can write something meaningful today! My google alert did a good job last week. Look! Sung with blue head band!

I also found a new short film mentioned in Sung's profile in IMDB:

I need to figure out how I can get to see it. I miss you, Sung!


Lindey said...

Hi Mari

Thanks for the update. This video was really cool. He looks so funny.

I wonder where are all the others. It seems to me it's only me and you talking. Where is toey and all the others? I miss their comments.

tØEy said...

Hi Mari and Lindey !!

is it too late to say Happy New Year to you all ??
long time no comment here .. i'm quite busy but i still try to visit here hope Mari get well from your surgery !! and please share what your plan about BD gift to Sung .. :]

and today i found a video on Youtube. it's about pillow ..this clip makes me think of why he complained about who sleep beside him every night on his blog .. (Maybe he got sleepless :P)

here it is :

ak1998 said...

Hi, Lindey and tØEy!

Thank you for checking back my blog! Sorry for my slow update. Thanks to tØEy, now I got one more thing to talk about! Regarding BD gift, I'm thinking about going to LA. But not sure if we can get to see him in person. Wish me a luck. :)