Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fans from Japan

I just received one new message from someone I don't know. She said she saw me keep posting Sung's pix on a Japanese social networking site. I like being contacted by other fans like that. Though I'm still now sure if this is the right thing -- taking Sung's screenshots from videos and posting them around, it makes me feel worth continuing as long as there are some people who enjoy them.


Lindey said...

Hi Mari
Listen, about the videos and stuff like that, don't worry, just remember you are doing it for your fans and most importantly, you are doing what you love.

About your new fan, I'm glad you have a new fan, now we can read her comments too. I just feel we all are one happy big family on your blog here.

ak1998 said...

Thank you, Lindey

Your comments help me get going. :) Yeah. I really enjoy sharing everything I know about Sung with other fans.

Many of fans from Japan I met online are not English speaker. So, they may leave comments in Japanese. :)

Lindey said...

Hi Mari, I'm glad if my comments help you. That's what we here for, to leave our comments and dicuss what on our minds.

Does your Japanese fan have a name. It's just very hard to constantly talk about the Japanese fan it would be much easier to call her on her name. I mean if someone would call me constantly German girl then I would sh*t in my pants:)

Lindey said...

Hi Mari, I want to ask you something. I am going to to some Tai Chi classes soon and I just want to know if you could tell me more about that? Thanks

ak1998 said...

Hi, Lindey

Thanks for sharing your idea of starting Tai Chi with me. Honestly, I don't know much about it. I did took one class a few years ago. And I have a friend who does a little. I also saw many people practicing Tai Chi when I went to Taipei, Taiwan in 2006. It's a slow and powerful movement. You probably need to be patient until you get used to with all the basic movement. Should take about 5-10 times before you feel comfortable. That's all I know about it.

By the way, regarding other fans who may or may not start leaving comment here, I will wait until she decided to show up. Some people are sensitive about revealing identity online. Let's see if new people join us here.

But I actually don't care much. Indeed, Mari is my real name. :)