Sunday, March 7, 2010

One more from the trailer

Still can't take my eyes off of him...


Lindey said...

Hi Mari
He looks very sexy when his hair is a bit rusty don't you think?

I have been thinking about your friend,Jun,and how you could help her:

1. She should advertise herself in local newspapers and magazines etc.

2. If there is a way that you could help her create a cellphone website it would be great because it is much cheaper then going on to internet with a computer. And not only that not everyone has a computer or a laptop.

3. The important thing is to think economically. She wants to give as less money out as she can and make as much as she can.

But I will try think some more.

Lindey said...

Hi Mari
Do you know if there is something wrong with Sung's myspace I can't log in?

ak1998 said...

Hey, Lindey

Sorry for my slow response, always! Thanks a lot for putting together your suggestions for promoting Jun's business. Actually, he is my husband. :) He is working with a small photo studio in Virginia. I will share your idea with him.

Regarding Sung's MySpace. I have no clue. I will check out more during this weekend and let you know if I find anything.

Talk to you later.

Lindey said...

Hi Mari

I am so sorry. Imust have misunderstood you. For some reason I thought is was a friend of yours:) I feel very stupid!

Many apologies:)