Sunday, July 4, 2010

Newly cropped old pix

I think I've used an image very similar to this one, but I took a screen shot again with my iPhone while playing FF3 and slightly edited. Look at Sung's hands here! More precisely, fingers. So sexy, aren't they? I like this facial expression here, too. Not smiling, but kind of smiling inside. I really want him to perform this role again and again.

BTW, I was in LAX last week to change my flight back home from Phoenix. I tried my best looking outside of the window from the plane, hoping to locate where Sung's restaurant is. Well, I failed. But I was still happy to feel somewhere down there, Sung spends most of his times these days. I was at the airport only 30 min and could hardly see outside except the runway. But just by imaging this is the airport Sung often flying out and in, gave me a little fuzzy feeling.

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