Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pix found by my friend

I feel so lucky to have many other fans of Sung Kang's who are so cooperative to my work here. :) Thanks to Toni, I got this pix that I can share with others. Unfortunately, no additional information available, and hope I'm not violating someone else's copyright here.

BTW, since I added a counter to check the number of visitors to this blog, I suspected that this counter is not accurate. It keeps increasing and as of now, I have "17,599" visitors! Then, I just realized this this blogs comes back in the first page when you google search with key words, "Sung Kang." Wow.. it used to be only 4th or 5th page. But now, it's 6th's link by this search excluding the link for images and videos only. Wow~~~

Well, not sure if this blog (and I) deserve that. I just want to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to all other Sung Kang fans who support this blog!


Toni said...

Mari,No copyright issues I promise!
I thought you might like this photo!I love this photo.Your blog has gained alot of popularity.Congrats!
Too bad we did'nt live closer to each other.We could see Fast Five together.No two people would ever be so excited to see SK on the big screen. LOL

Mari said...

Hi Toni,

Thank you! We both are in East Coast, but this country is just too big. lol~

Faelli_Ackles said...

Of course you deserve that!! *_*
Congratulations !!! Keep it up, making us fans of Sung very well informed about his life ..
your blog is a reference to me ...
Whenever I can inform your (blog) to other people who like to Sung, but unfortunately did not know many who like him with us ..
But already influenced some*_*

Mari said...

It's alwasy good to hear from you~