Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Count down to the big day~~

Check this out - another interview with Sung. I didn't know that Han was not originally planned to be an Asian American in Tokyo Drift. Justine did a super excellent job convincing Sung to be there. There would be no vol. 4 or 5 if Sung was not doing Han there. Don't you agree?


Toni said...

I guess this role was suppose to be played by an African American.
Well,I am glad that he landed this part.He represened the Asian community well.
I love u Sung...and always will.

Mari said...

Hey Toni,

Thanks for sharing. I still have a little mixed feeling about Tokyo drift because all the "good guys" there were not Japanese, and only some "bad guys" or not important ones were Japanese. But anyway, it was a little strange setting that a Korean American guy like Han helps an American kid who happened to come to Japan. But anyway, I fell in love with Han! So, hmm... I cannot complain about not-so-natural setting of this movie. I trust Justin!

Ewelina said...

I loves Sung!!!!

Ewelina said...