Thursday, July 14, 2011

I found a good one!

OMG! Can't wait to see more about this movie! It's good to see an article like this one, talking about Sung first even before the other actors in the same movie including Sylvester Stallone. :D

Looking really good~~~


Toni said...

Okay I guess nobody knew Sung was married!It is all over his facebook page.I knew this for a long time just like you.So weird that now,people are talking about it.LOL

Mari said...

Hey Toni,

Back from Beach? I saw Sung just updated his fb status to "married." I suppose they have not officially married though lived together for a long time. I read his interviews in the past where he refer to his "wife" and/or fiance. I guess it was inter-changeable word for Sung. :D