Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Director of Street of Fire

Though I'm into Sung, I'm actually not a true movie lover. I mean, I just watch whatever. I don't pay close attention to the names of actors/actresses, directors, nor producers of most of the movies. But I do have several favorite movies that I still recall how much I enjoyed and don't mind paying some bucks to download to my iPad if I see the title in iTuens Store. Street of Fire is one of such kinds of movies. It was on my VHS tape for a long time back in 80s'. I record it when it was on TV in Japan. So, it was dubbed except the singing parts. Anyway, I just found that the director of Street of Fire is the one directing "Bullet to the Head." Wow... I can also recognize several other movies from 80s'. I used to watch Hollywood movies more often in 80s'.

I am now even more looking forward to see this movie. Sung's name appears 2nd in Credited casts list, but no name there. Wonder why...

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