Saturday, September 17, 2011


OK. I won't pretend. I'm a girl. I have never been big on cars. Honestly, I don't recognize any specific models in the movies featuring cars. Wait. I'm from Japan. And I do feel proud when I see most of the cars I can see in the parking log of my work or the shopping mall near-by are Japanese cars. But that does not make me qualify talking about cars. I guess I can only talk about cars I owned in the past. But I do recognized RX-7. Because it's so famous, and that's the car most of fans from Tokyo Drift would associate to Sung's character.

Anyway, sounds like even more rare super cars were actually in Fast Five. I don't mind reading what Sung felt about them. I am also up for listening what were Sung's past cars. It's so good to know that Sung's favorite is a Japanese car! (Lexus LFA?)

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