Monday, March 26, 2012

Intro of UNDOING

I just found someone posted this. "Like!'

By the way, I keep debating inside myself if I should revise or delete what I wrote about Sung's Korean speaking ability. I know it was not nice. I may have hurt him. But how he spoke could be very controversial. I know he loves his mom and his grand-father. And I'm not even a Korean. But as a first generation immigrant from an Asian country, what he said reminded me an attitude from an Asian Americans I met a long time ago. What they did to us, international students with broken English, was they built a very high and thick wall between us. They do not really want themselves considered as part of us though we look alike. We are so uncool for them because we don't speak English natively and do not have "Americanized" attitudes and minds.

Well, it's been a while, and I may have improved my English speaking ability and got used to with living in the states since then. But I still do not act like an American. I probably never will and there is simply no reason for me to even giving it a shot.

That cannot be an excuse for me to curse Sung's Korean speaking ability. Actually, I never want to curse any part of him. He does not deserve that. But hope he understands what I mean here. He still has my full support and love.

I suppose anything can be controversial. We don't have to overreact to it. We sometime need to choose a side. And given the fact that the speech was made for a party held by Koream society, what he said was completely appropriate there. I guess I just felt I am left out not because I cannot be one of Koreams, but because I realized that Sung is a part of the group who used to build a wall against me before I started speaking English comfortably.

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