Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I know I'm several hours ahead, but I have to be the first one to say "Happy Birthday" to Sung! I bought something for him, and failed to send it out earlier... it's still here with me. But I will send it out shortly like this coming Monday. Should I send it to the management office as mentioned in his official Facebook page? Or should I try his restaurant? According to Yelp, I see that Saketini continues to be a popular restaurant. But I'm not 100% if he has sold the business to someone else by now... I just found the link to the website I made a while ago is not longer working.

To be safe, I should probably try the management office address. Hope he gets this soon and recognize the gift as a reminder about who I am. :)


Anonymous said...

I sent it to both places..But some time my cards come back from Saketini's

Mari said...

I'm slow.. still have the gift I bought for him with me.. Thanks for the tip. I'll send it to the management office to be on the safe side. :D