Sunday, May 13, 2012

Very attractive characters!

I'm back from LA today! I took a red-eye flight from LAX to DC area. I had to drive my car parked at Long Term parking lot at 7am after a long flight. But I'm not complaining because I had a really good time in LA! 

No. I wasn't able to see Sung in person. But that was expected. I was hoping to be lucky enough to see him at this Film Festival showing Sunset Stories. But he was not there. MC told us that he is out of town because he is on set, which is excellent. So, I won't complain.

Anyway, this movie was very very cute. There are many characters involved along with these main two guys. All of them are expressed very vividly. I like the opening and ending cartoon, too! And I really liked how the director used cats and dogs to appear in the corner of the screen. 

Congratulations on all the staffs! I think this will be widely distributed later, which makes me proud that I was at the LA premiere! And the theater was even located right on Sunset blvd, making us, the audience, feel very connected to those characters in the screen. 

I even could relate myself to the main character because I had a flight to catch out of LAX after the movie. So, I was in a hurry and a little nervous about getting back. And I drove my rent-a-car on Sunset Blvd to get on I-405. Luckily, there was no traffic around 8pm. So, no problem catching the flight. 

Anyway, I should save details of this movie, but I can assure all of Sung Kang fans that you won't disappointed though you may jealous. This is a type of the movie you'd want to watch over and over. I can't wait to watch this again. 


Kathy Miller said...

I have been living in Brentwood for 12 years and went to eat at his restaurant 2-3 times a month. His wife was the one who ran the business and suddenly they closed down this place!!!

Mari said...

Hi Kathy,

Thank you very much for sharing! I'm glad that I visited Saketini at least once before they closed. Have you seen Sung in person there? If so, I envy you~