Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are we all Jackie Chan generation?

So, I tried learning more about other guys on this series and found the one in the first episode is a famous YouTube star. And he is only 22! A very talented young kid!

I smell Jackie Chan movie series from Ryan's work, too because all of the videos I watched today ended with NG takes. That's very Jackie Chan to me. Maybe I just don't watch enough movies to know others, but to me, that's very Jackie Chan. But the last Jackie Chan movie I watched (no offense to him and his production) was in early 90s'. So, I may be wrong that these Asian film/video makers are still under the influence of Jackie Chan movies. I'm not saying it's good or bad. I suppose "easy to understand" is important. And those videos are well done and attractive. No wonder why they are popular. I just felt that there is no Asian male in public viewable videos who are neither Action star or Comedian.

I know Comedy is the toughest. It's not easy to make the audience laugh. So, I'm not saying these categories, Action and Comedy, are less important than other ones. But you know, if they are so anti-stereo-typical Asian Male in mainstream movies, whey do they stick with that?

It is probably a limitation for YouTube type of distribution and audience. They need to make something that their targeted audience would watch. I don't want to make myself sound negative about what they are doing because they are doing excellent and I love them. I just hoped I can see other kinds of Sung (and other young Asian talents) as well.

And I'm just curious.. can Ryan speak Japanese?

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