Saturday, October 13, 2012

姜盛虎 = cool name!

Sung posted a picture of his name written in Chinese characters onto instagram. I knew how his family name looks like, but I didn't know about his first names are in these characters -- 成 and 虎。For those who are not lucky enough to know how to read Chinese characters,  I give you a simple explanation. But don't quote on me! It's just one of interpretations of these Chinese characters. Chinese characters are widely used in Asian countries including mine -- Japan. So, in Japanese way of interpreting, 成虎means a matured tiger.

Now I know why so many people thinks Sung as Jackie Chan. Jacke Chan's name is 成龍。it's pretty close. Tiger vs Dragon. People who see Sung as Jackie are the ones who cannot tell which is a tiger or a dragon. Make sense?  (I guess not... )  :P

Wait! Sorry! I just realized my typo. Let me make take back what I said above (but I won't delete them because it kinds of sounds fun.) Sung's name is not 成虎、but 盛虎。So, 盛 is slightly different from 成。In this case, I should translate like "flourishing tiger" or "a tiger on its peak," maybe. Again, I'm not a professional interpreter here. And it's someone's name. So, I may be totally wrong as far as what his name means. You just need to ask his mom.

Anyway, I do have one question to Sung or Sung's mom. He was not born in year of tiger. That's like 2 years after the year Sung was born. Why tiger? I like a tiger, though. You know, I like their stripe. That was what I said when someone ask why I pick a tiger as my favorite animal. And they said that one's favorite animal and the reason why you like it represent who you are. I guess I'm a stripe person. lol~

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