Saturday, November 3, 2012

Born in South Korea?

I don't know any story behind this picture I grabbed from his recent post to instagram, but it seems to be taken in South Korea in 70s'. I know he spent most of his life time in USA, but he may have spent his first few years in South Korea. I just wonder how much he remember about those days. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Mari! Sung was born in Gainesville, GA. But I am sure he spent some time in South Korea.

Mari said...

Hi. Thank you for letting me know. Based on this picture and some old posts by Sung saying he was in ESL (English as Second Language school), I was under the impression that his first few years may have been in South Korea. But I suppose you are right that he was born in GA, then, brought to South Korea for a visit. But this pic looks like the one taken in South Korea.

Lux Lala said...

It's an amazing blog! Congratulations;) I love Sung as well but mine is not a so long passion.
Hope we could be friends
xo xo from Italy ^^

P.S: add me on fb Lucilla Aiko Fornaro :)

Mari said...

Hi Lux Lala!

Welcome to my blog! Glad you find my blog useful! It's always good to hear from other Sung Kang fans! I normally do not add friends to my Facbook account unless I know him/her in person or until I exchange messages enough to feel comfortable. So, hope you don't mind that I need to wait and see. But I added some friends I met through this blog in the past. (not many, but a few who sounds serious about Sung as much as I am.) So, let's wait a little bit. But I will respond if you leave message here. :)

Lux Lala said...

Don't worry! I'll keep visit this blog and leave message because I really like it and I absolutely understand what you u mean! So don't worry I just hope we'll find a way to know each other better :)