Monday, February 4, 2013

Perfectly enjoyable!

Yes! I saw it! "Bullet to the Head!"

The movie started with Sung! I had to try really hard not to scream. Totally stunning beginning! I'm not a good movie critic, but I can tell it is a well done work. Even though if you are not a fan of either Sung or Stallone, you will find this very entertaining. Good amount of actions/drama as well as nice characters. I actually did not know Christian Slater is in. But I'm not sure how I recognized him. I don't remember any other works he did in the past. But his name just poped up in my mind when I saw him.

Anyway, this movie has a very nice 80s' feeling. And yes. Stallone is an old guy, but fully functional and maintained a good charisma. Sung, on the other hand, is a type of characters that we would have never seen in Hollywood movies of 80s'.  This combination is new. And I heard a lot of laughter from the audience in the theater from their conversation. My husband and I also enjoyed the sense of humor.

The other thing I liked about this movie is that there were not too many CG used or at least, I could not identify where CG was used. I easily get sick of CG-fulled movie. But I did not get that from this one.

Will I buy DVD or download it from iTunes store when it becomes available? Most definitely!

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Lux Lala said...

Can't wait to watch it!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa