Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to you~

May your wishes come true!

Yes. I drew this. I figured it's time to use my own artwork for my blog. I know I'm not a real artist. But you can tell this is how I feel. Hope you receive my gift soon. :D


Lux Lala said...

I like your artwork ;-)
Sorry If I always ask favours but I know that u know a lot about sung;-) do u know where can I find a video of an interview that sung made during FF Tokyo drift where he wore a black T-shirt?!(I love his arms XD)

Mari said...

Hi Lux Lala,

sorry for my slow response. I was away from home for a while. I think you are taking about the bonus feature comes with Tokyo Drift DVD. I couldn't locate it in YouTube or other video site. Sorry! But if I find one in the future, I will post it.



Lux Lala said...

Thanks ;-))