Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year, 2014!

I found Sung is actually pretty popular among guys, too. I often see pictures posted on instagram with a tag like #sungkang, and half of them are like this -- Sung with a male fan. It's really cool. Sung seems to be very open for his fans though he is a world-class super star.

By the way, my colleague asked me about Sung's tweet referring to my name. He said Sung's friend is a friend of his friend's (or something like that). He said he knows Rick Yoon in person. Yes. He is a Korean American born in USA. I believe there are more than a million Koreans living in USA now. But somehow, they can spot each other through one or two steps. Well, I suppose it's same as "Kevin Bacon Theory." I can probably do the same within Japanese community in USA. I actually know Pat Morita in 2 degree. I used to work with a nephew of Pat Morita. But anyway, my colleague was very surprised that I met Sung in person though it's been a while. And he said, "I heard he is a very nice guy." "Yes, he is!" I know he is. He is very special. He knows how to make others happy. People who can spend time with him are really lucky. I may not be a part of his community, but I can try to be someone like him. Or at very lease, I can see him in my dream. :D

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