Friday, March 6, 2015

Has anyone watched the movie yet?

I saw a poster of Ana Maria in Novela Land featuring Sung, and was going to save the image for this blog, but it's gone! I was so slow... :(   If anyone find it, let me know. Meanwhile, I just grabbed one from the movie's official site. To be honest with you, I don't watch Korean Soap. I don't want Japanese ones or English ones, neither. I don't have enough patience to wait for the next episode each week. So, I normally wait until the whole episode of the season become ready to view in one shot. I heard it's actually pretty common for my type of mid-age Asian woman to spend a whole weekend watching nothing but Korean soap to finish one or two seasons. But if Sung is in there, I won't fast forward any episode. 

Too bad the movie is not in theaters near my place. Looks like I need more Latino in my neighborhood to bring this movie in town. I heard their soap is pretty good, too. Maybe it's time to start learning Spanish for me.  

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