Sunday, August 30, 2015

On the bright side...

Pic from another event I found from:

After everything reviewed, I gave up on participating this event.  :(
But then, I realized that I don't have to be so depressed by this. Why? Because most likely, there will be a lot of pictures tweeted, facebooked, or instagramed with a hashtag, #sungkang after the event, assuming other fans like me shall take a lot of pictures during the event! And even though I won't be there physically, my heart shall be there. May force be with me. (Wrong usage!)

Hope everyone who can make the event have an excellent time over there! Please take a lot of pictures and post them all~


Lux Lala said...

Can u explain to me what was that

Mari said...

Hi Lux Lala,

Thank you for leaving your comment and continue coming back to my blog! Basically, there is an event where Sung is confirmed to take a part of. But I cannot go! But I'm just hoping to see more pictures of Sung being uploaded by the event organizer or whomever attended the event. So, that's better than nothing. That's what I wanted to say. Hope this makes sense to you. Thanks!

Lux Lala said...

Thank you for explaining me it :)